Operation Windmill Scrotum controversy

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The Operation Windmill Scrotum controversy occured after Operation Windmill Scrotum was executed by The Pretorians, a survivor defense group then operating out of Giddings Mall.

What is widely to believed to have happened currently is a group of the Many's zombies (numbering somewhere between 25 and 40) planned a co-ordinated attack on Giddings Mall. The attack was a failure, with the zombies repelled by the PA Rebel Alliance. What role the Pretorians played in this is fairly small, having help to barricade the mall and lend support to the PA Rebel Alliance during the attack. Casualities were low, and all the zombies either fell or retreated.

The first reports of the event, most likely deployed by members of The Pretorians, cited an unconditional rout. Some went as far as to report that the Many had been comprehensively defeated, and that they had dissolved as a player group. The Pretorians have said that they were instrumental in the attack, as well as reportedly gaining access to the Many's chat forums afterward, intentionally seeking to undermine the zombie group's morale.

Soon after, however, other users began to question the veracity of this report. The Many have denied that the forum invasion occurred due to the complete lack of evidence available. They have also claimed that the original attack and subsequent counter-response at Giddings Mall was not an official full-scale attack, and may have been undertaken by an unsanctioned scouting group seeking fresh targets.

Pretorian Infiltration Controversy

The Pretorians claimed to be infiltrating the Many's off-site message boards to spread controversy and dissent among the members of the Many. However, the Many disavowed knowledge of such an event, saying that they experienced no such infiltrations. Given that the Many's forum has been revealed as the widely popular Something Awful message boards, this is extremely unlikely (A SomethingAwful forum account costs 10 dollars; the idea of people paying that much to be immediately banned seems absurd).

PA Rebel Alliance Involvement

The Penny Arcade Rebel Alliance claims they did not know of The Pretorians until a day after The Many assaulted Giddings Mall. At the time, they assumed the Pretorians were just miscellaneous survivors. They claim their only warning of the incoming horde was from their assault on the nearby Scorse Cinema that was openly posted across the Urban Dead forums. They also state that a human character came into the mall, claiming he also had a zombie who was currently with The Many. He stated that the Many were headed toward Pitneybank, so the PA Rebel Alliance put the two events together.

Revival/Redeath Claims

The Pretorians claimed to have revived many of the zombies that attacked the mall, and further added that many of these players were now fighting on their side, though this has been considered highly unlikely. Other have said that the zombies were dumped outside without being revived after they were killed.

One survivor that died during the incident said that he saw a total of 5 zombies outside, being attacked by 10 or so humans. Around them were 20 corpses, a few that were there before the attack, a number of them freshly fallen undead corpses. Inside, he was killed by zombies that had breached the barricades, and his corpse was later removed from the building along with the bodies of the zombies that had made it in.