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Abbreviation: TertAll
Group Numbers: Confidential
Leadership: Moonlight Phoenix
Goals: To protect the peace of Malton, by fighting against the zombie hordes, the Player Killers and other hostile survivors.
Recruitment Policy: Refer the "Recruitment" section.
Contact: Our forums

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Malton is a city with multiple problems. Zombies roam through the streets, ruining everything in their path and killing people like savage beasts. But zombies, or zeds, are not the only threat in this city. Through the streets and in the buildings they hide. They are murderers, or PKs (Player Killers).

However, the survivors have to take justice in their own hands. Crimes must be punished. That's why Ouroboros was created. To eliminate the PK criminals and the dead beings that once were humans. Our ultimate goal is to keep the peace in the city. And as some say... Si vis pacem, para bellum. (If you want peace, prepare for war).

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Operation Area

Although our main base is the Cyril General Hospital, located in the suburb of Roachtown, our members operate separately in multiple suburbs.



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