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This tool is no longer in use, because Dreamhost is FTL. This page is kept for historical purposes. Have a glorious day.

The Rogues Gallery is a tool used to track Bounty Hunters which is managed by Red Rum. The database behind this tool is currently maintained by Sirens, The Known Boarders and Special Agent Mulder. This tool allows you to view, sort and search the list. Collections of bounties by Bounty Hunters incidents should be reported in this thread. Kills of Hunters on the list should be reported in this thread. The moderators will update the database from reports in those threads.

Main Page

By default only Bounty Hunters with a positive "grief factor" are displayed, but will show up on the UD Tool List. A form allows a user to configure filter options that will allow them to find a specific hunter, sort hunters by location or grief factor, etc.

Table Columns

  1. Name: The name of the Bounty Hunter.
  2. Bounties: How many bounties this Hunter has collected, according to reports.
  3. Grief Factor: How many times this Bounty Hunter should be whacked to restore balance.
  4. X, Y: Where they were last seen.
  5. Last Seen: When they were last seen.
  6. Report Details: Clicking here will show all the reports filed against this hunter.

The Rules

If you're a PKer, and a Bounty Hunter collected a bounty against you, feel free to report it. Currently, we need a screenshot, and the Bounty Hunter's profile.

If you're a Bounty Hunter, and a PKer whacked you, feel free to report it. Currently, we need a screenshot, and the your profile.

That's really about it.

Error Corrections

We strive to make sure only those serving justice appear on this list. If you whack a fellow PKer, and get reported, just let us know. Not saying you'll get off the list, but it's worth a shot,don't you think?

TIP: Don't make an arse of yourself with your request.

Spread the Word!

Don't let Bounty Hunters get away with...with...doing the right thing! (Those bastards...) Let people know they should take a screenshot and report the perpetrator! In Malton, anytime you see someone killed by another player, tell them where to go report it. Tag links to the Rogues Gallery, the Bounty Hunter Reporting Thread or this page.

Killer.jpg Report Bounty Hunters
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.


If you or your group support the Bounty Hunter Database, report to it. If you're feeling really spry, add your name, or group, to either list below.

History & Controversy

None yet, but we're hoping to get some soon!!

Groups That Support This Tool

Players That Support This Tool

--The Jack of Diamonds 22:31, 29 February 2008 (UTC)

Special Comments

  • Although this is a working tool, it was made in mockery of all the PKer Lists out there. Don't expect us to be fair about running this. After all, we are PKers, and that would just be silly.
    Yes: I'm an evil, evil witch, and I'm going straight to Hell. I know. --SirensT RR 02:08, 4 February 2007 (UTC)