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The Reformed Order of the Rouge Heart
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While the Order is no longer a group whose sole purpose is to murder singular individuals, we still uphold the traditions of our forebears. We at the Order follow the rules set down by the Coalition for Fair Tactics, and as such, do not:

  • Zerg or abuse our alternate characters
  • Spy on any person(s) or group(s)
  • Use other people to spy on any person(s) or group(s)
  • Have multiple characters in the same group
  • Exploit any software bug
  • Besmirch any person(s) or group(s)

We do however:

  • Track person(s) or group(s) through public information on forums or the wiki
  • Use good ole fashion hunting skills
How to Submit a Contract

There are two ways to submit a contract:

  1. ) Direct contact with the Bishop.
  2. ) Contact us through our Talk page
Information Submitted in a Contract
  1. ) The profile link of the person you want to put a contract on.
  2. ) The last known location of the target.
  3. ) Target(s) group affiliation.
  4. ) The name of the client (you).