Screw the Dead

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Survivors Unite

There are currently approximately 100 groups with 10 or more active members. For the past several weeks The Dead (or The Dead 2.0 or whoever they are) have boasted 1400+ members, and most of Malton has succumbed. Meanwhile, survivor groups (numbering 10-20 members on the average) have had little success at reversing the trend.

The Truth

The Dead don't want you to realize this little fact, but there are more of us than there are of them. 100 groups (OK so some are zombie groups and PKers, etc), so even 75 survivor groups of 10 members is already 750 survivors. But many groups number 20 or more members. Then there are The Fortress (over 100 members) and several groups with 40+ members. And don't forget the unaffiliated survivors, and groups with less than 10 members. There are literally thousands of us...!

The Solution

We must band together in one location and begin reviving one another. We must put aside petty differences and disagreements over game philosophy. We must demand that those who proclaim "Dual Nature" make a choice. We must put aside our egos and fight as one to survive.

We must all stand together and shout with one voice:

Screw the Dead!

I am throwing a party for everyone who agrees with me and is willing to prove that survivors are not out of the game yet. Join me at Luckraft Bank and help me prove that the living can once again outnumber The Dead. Add me to your contacts:

When you arrive, revive someone who looks worthy, or repair a building, or cure someone's infection. Promise to stay and fight for one another. Of course The Dead will come running also, but if all survivors commit to this simple initiative, it won't matter how many of them there are, because we will always outnumber them.

Let's do this - Screw the Dead!

Mayor MC Cheese 04:51, 2 June 2011 (BST)