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Soldiers of Crossman - Hierarchy.
Soldiers of Crossman
Soldiers of Crossman

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The structure for the Soldiers of Crossman follows a fairly typical hierarchy.

Our Officers oversee the group and direct its overall course, with each of them being essentially equally-ranked. Advisors also share in the Officer-level discussions, but do not have any additional authority granted them by that position. In addition, many Officers and Advisors carry out additional duties or hold additional ranks, such as the Commissar, who is responsible for troop morale and spreading our name, or the Drill Sergeant, who handles our recruits and ensures that they are properly trained before joining our higher ranks.

Our main body made up of all of our full members is known as the Vanguard. As the years have gone on, the Officers have begun including the Vanguard in more of the decision-making process, allowing members of the Vanguard to have a much more active role in the leadership of the group. Additionally, from time to time we employ specialized squads made up of Vanguard members. Traditionally, Talon Squad has been our reconnaissance squad, Theta Squad has been our tactical strike squad, and Dingo Squad has been our wildcard squad that does everything from train our recruits to try out experimental tactics to extend our presence into places we don't normally reach. Most of these squads are put to use only when the need for them arises.

For our New Recruits, Boot Camp is their first stop on the path to full membership. While in Boot Camp, they are expected to prove themselves worthy of full membership, which can and does take some time (a month or two), and requires that they take an active role in communicating their status and demonstrating that they can work with the rest of the team. During their time in Boot Camp they will join the Vanguard on its missions, but they will not have access to as many resources as the full members, nor will they have access to our Vanguard-level communications.

The final branch of the group, and perhaps one of the most important, is the Home Guard. Traditionally staffed by our veteran members who are looking for a simpler life after retiring from their work on missions, these are members who prefer to stay in Darvall Heights, protecting our home suburb from the hordes and ferals. Home Guard members typically operate independently, but they will oftentimes coordinate among themselves and the broader group via in-game speaking.


Presently, our leadership is composed of two officers, each of whom essentially shares the burden equally. We currently have the following individuals serving, and hovering your mouse over their names will reveal the specific roles they are serving in:

Officers: Clayton Carmine, Millhouser

Advisors: Frank Burn, Aichon, Shadok

Additional: Pending Review