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Soldiers of Crossman - History.
Soldiers of Crossman
Soldiers of Crossman

Every group has a history. A beginning and an end. Our story began with a rebirth from the ashes, but our history goes back even before our birth.

In 2005, two groups, the Crossman Defense Force (CDF) and the Liberation of Crossman Department (LCD), were created to protect Crossman Grove Police Department in Darvall Heights. Their story began when a zombie group invaded Darvall Heights, which ultimately resulted in the uniting of the neighborhood. The two groups emerged as powers to be reckoned with in the aftermath of the battle, and the undead were pushed back for a time.

The LCD and CDF each had a long history, with all the makings of a great story: friendship, brotherhood, hate, heated arguments, fighting side by side and back to back. For a time it seemed that both groups loved Darvall Heights too much, and each developed their unique vision for the suburb, which inevitably led to friction between the groups. In the end, however, the love for their home reunited them once again, and after a final battle near the end of 2008, where the two groups set aside their differences to stave off a horde of invading zombies, it all ended. Both the LCD and the CDF broke apart and faded into memory, becoming historical groups.

The story does not end there, however. After traveling for some time and continuing to experience a sense of restlessness, Cortonna, the LCD's former leader, spoke to Zod Rhombus, the CDF's leader, in the hopes of establishing a new group made up of their remaining former troops. Zod agreed, and the two established the new group. Thus, the Soldiers of Crossman was born, inviting all ex-LCD and ex-CDF soldiers to join together so that they can continue the good fight.

Since then, the Soldiers of Crossman have had their highs and their lows. Growing to include over 50 members when the survivor population was at its height, the Soldiers have dealt with the gradual decline of the city's population by preserving a solid core of quality soldiers who can remain effective in a changing environment. Throughout it all, the mission has remained the same: to unite the Northwest in the name of the good fight.

Operations through 2024

If you're curious about our activities since 2011, make our fight yours and join us! While our resident historians take a break from the game, our ongoing history is available to any of our full members in the form of archived missions on our forum.

2010 Operations

Big Red One

Allies in the West

The Safety of Home

Shadows in the North

Cold Regrets