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Soldiers of Crossman - History - 2010 Operations.
Soldiers of Crossman
Soldiers of Crossman

The following accounts provide some details over our operations that took place during the year 2010. Unlike other groups, the Soldiers of Crossman do not recount their history as a series of cold facts and figures, with hard dates, counts, and targets. Instead, we choose to pass on our history as a series of stories, told by our own soldiers.

Each of the following sections provides one such story, and they are arranged chronologically, from earliest to latest. Our members voluntarily provide whatever details they want, from whatever perspective they deem most appropriate. Many are told from the perspective of their character on the field, but, as with war, not all parts of it are equally memorable, so not all of our operations are detailed here. There are most certainly gaps in our history, but we accept these gaps as part of our mythos.

If you are a member and would like to help fill in any gaps that you believe we may have, please contact one of the officers on the forum. We'll be happy to help you contribute to the group's ongoing history. We've had quite a few operations in 2010 that have gone untold, so we would appreciate any help from our soldiers.

Cold Regrets

The Soldiers of Crossman were expanding. The influence of the SoC could be felt throughout the entire suburb of Darvall Heights. The spray painted call signs were always fresh and slick on many of the buildings which dotted the thriving suburb, but with the forever constant threat of the Ferals, the Soldiers of Crossman saw this as a perfect opportunity to send a good size of its number out into the beyond to help re-establish the North West. Roywood was the first stop for the SoC Vanguard. The once industrial centre of Malton was now no more than a mere ghost town. The many warehouses and wastelands which made up Roywood had fallen on hard times. Many of the warehouses had succumbed to neglect and had collapsed. Makeshift doorways had been formed from the rubble but physical barricades were a rarity within Roywood. The suburb had hit ghost town status a few months prior but some groups had continued to fight for it, including the SoC. The Roywood Wars was a continual up-hill battle for the SoC and survivor groups alike. The positioning of the tactical resource points was horrible and the free running lanes had been broken a long time ago. Nevertheless, the SoC had sent a large portion of their forces to Roywood to start the rebuilding process.

As the nights became increasingly colder, thick mists followed which decreased visibility, all while the Soldiers of Crossman quietly made their way to the ghost town of Roywood. No lights were visible upon entry within the borders of the suburb, no sign of life except the leaves softly blown by the northern winds. The soldiers quickly made a camp inside Gerrard Place Police Department barricading with experience all the possible entry points. With some on watch, others quickly gathered additional ammunition and soon a small light from the fire casted its shadowy webs on the walls. The soldiers sat down and extended their fingers next to the welcoming embrace of the warmness of the cracking flames. Only a few stood back from the fire, their eyes fixed upon the opal black horizon, the glowing source doing nothing to warm them their steely exterior. Food was soon prepared as the first watch was substituted so they may catch some sleep and warm them in turn.

“If I’d known that it’d be this bloody cold, I would’ve ditched this blasted mobile phone for a coat or something eh? “ Spat Lynch, pulling the collar of his jacket closer to his chin.
“Too right mate. The telephone mast must be down in the area, no bloody reception here either.” Replied a young man named Green, who had been fiddling with his own mobile earlier.
“Be th-thankful we’re inside gentlemen. Hypothermia s-s-sets in very quickly at around 32–35 °F, and from the looks of i-it, it’s close to it.” Stuttered Orison, the scientist lieutenant of the SoC. The middle aged Orison’s complexion had a slight blue tinge to it, showing evidently how cold he must be.
“What about the zombies outside? How the hell do they survive out there?” Retorted another soldier named Jude.
Coughing violently, Orison turned to Jude, “I didn’t have m-much time in studying these zombies when I was employed at N-Necrotech. But my theory is that the infection shuts d-d-down certain components of the human body and while strengthening them, it also makes them much more v-vulnerable to other elements.”
“Gives them extra power? Well that isn’t exactly fair is it?” Laughed Lynch while cocking his pistol and aiming down the sights, as if to shoot an invisible zombie.
“Just an extra challenge but.” Cut in Jude, joining in with the laughter of Lynch.
“Zombies won’t know what hit ‘em tomorrow.” Green added.
A figure appeared in the doorway, the silhouette unmistakable to the other soldiers.
“First Watch, keep your eyes open and your mouths shut. This fire we got going is a big enough risk and we don’t need your ‘hilarious’ jokes adding to the risk of detection by the Ferals outside. We had to hack a Feral up a few minutes ago with our melee weapons because he got too curious. Stay sharp and no sound.”
The figure finished, moving back through the doorway.
The first watch looked at each other; a few grins could still be seen amongst them.
“I don’t suppose we can smoke can we?” Lynch whispered through clenched teeth.
“Better not to.” Orison replied.