Crossman Grove Police Department

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Crossman Grove Police Department
Reclaimed by the living.
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Crossman Grove Police Department

Darvall Heights [25,20]

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Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.
Malton Police Department


Crossman Grove Police Department (also called Crossman Grove) is one of three Police Departments in Darvall Heights, and one of two Police Departments on the border between Darvall Heights and Gatcombeton. The other two Police Departments in Darvall Heights are Halse Crescent and Tayler Lane.

Barricade Policy

In accordance with the Darvall Heights Barricade Plan, the PD is to be Very Strongly Barricaded.


Groups which have passed through in the past include GANKBUS, The Shining Ones, Church of the Resurrection, and the Liberation of Crossman Department and Crossman Defense Force. Now for the most part the Soldiers of Crossman reside inside the PD and protect it.

Crossman Grove's main claim to fame was a battle between two survivor groups, Crossman Defense Force and Liberation of Crossman Department, and it was frequently graffitied with profane messages. Despite multiple groups laying claim to the building, official members avoided permanent residence due to its status as a high-profile target. Both groups were formed after a group of around 60 survivors were butchered by the Church of the Resurrection, with the survivors splitting in two. The remnants of the Liberation of Crossman Department have since merged with the Crossman Defense Force. Recently both groups disbanded and the Soldiers of Crossman was born - a new group made of former members of Liberation of Crossman Department and Crossman Defence Force and new blood joining their ranks.

Now with a strong zombie presence, the PD remains a survivor way station, but zombie activity in the area leads to breaks in the department. The Soldiers of Crossman along with the local survivors of Darvall Heights are currently defending it while recruiting new blood for their group.