St. Cunigunde's Church (Whittenside)

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St. Cunigunde's Church
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St. Cunigunde's Church

Whittenside [81, 98]

Stoy Alley the Nathan Monument the Sleeman Monument
Powers Bank St. Cunigunde's Church a cemetery
Tims Grove wasteland St. Symmachus's Church

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

St. Cunigunde's Church


St. Cunigunde's Church is a beautiful example of holy Roman Catholic architecture. A medium sized church, with two tall steeples and stained glass windows, it seems to dwarf it's neighboring church, St. Symmachus's. Cunigunde's is located on a main street and sports it's own cemetery located to the east which it shares with St. Symmachus's Church. Before the outbreak, Cunigunde's had a seemingly small but extremely devout parish, which it's members were almost considered to be zealots. The church itself is painted a generic white, with black roof shingles and steeples.


St. Cunigunde was the wife of Holy Roman Emperor Henry II. A virgin despite her marriage, St Cunigunde was forced to prove her virtue by walking over hot irons: a feat which she accomplished without injury. This church, dedicated to her memory, was once a site of Catholic worship until shortly after the zombie virus outbreak when the Church abandoned it in favor of more defensible structures. Around this time, it became the home of a cult called the Brotherhood of the Pure Sole. Their stated goal was to purify their spirits through emulation of St. Cunigunde. Their basic tenant: “The earth is a sinful place and those who tread upon it without divine protection are doomed to fall to its vices.” To protect themselves, they ritually scarred the soles of their feet throughout the year and participated in a festival on March 3, the day of their patroness, where they repeated her walk across the hot irons. The Brotherhood of the Pure Sole was summarily wiped out by zombies in early 2008 and the only remnants of them are their hardened, indigestible feet which were left throughout the church by their killers and remain there mumified to this day.

Barricade Policy

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