Ständige Vertretung

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Ständige Vertretung
Ständige Vertetung
Abbreviation: StäV
Group Numbers: 18 active
Leadership: No leaders!
Goals: Make Tapton a safe place for survivors. Maintain the Dix Place and Rhodes Park revive points.
Recruitment Policy: StäV forum
Contact: StäV forum

We do not recognize the Malton Zombie Republic as a sovereign nation. Until the moment we claim Malton back for the living and end the tyranny of the undead, we establish our permanent representation here in Malton. Dieses Fest muss klappen, sie werden bereuen mich nicht zu mögen!

We been spending most our lifes livin in a Tapton Paradise. We don't fight, we all play nice. Keeping it safe and reviving guys.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.15 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: The Crang Building, Tapton [43,75]


Ständige Vertretung has little over a dozen active members in Malton.

Cardinal Bessarion (

Charlotte Bean (

ChibiChocobo (

CmdStriker (

De Oppresso Liber (

Dja'il (

Fabien Barthez (

Feilung (

mazare (

MorrighantheCelt (

Officer VarVarna (

Phil Silvers (

Reflow (

Ren Li (

roozter (

signet77 (

solnavi (

solvor (

Timo Ducca (

An outdated list of members and their UDID's, may be viewed here.



Radio Frequency

The radio frequency for Ständige Vertretung is 28.15. Tune in your radios to get the latest news in Tapton. Please keep RADIO DISCIPLINE! Only news concerning security!

  • No birthday waggishness
  • No political filibustering
  • No musical horseplay
  • No obscene tomfoolery

If you broadcast any shenanigans, we might kill you. Or something along the lines of that.

Teams We Trust

Survival is a dangerous and serious business. It helps to know there are friends out there:

Member or Supporter

If you are a Member of Ständige Vertretung or a Supporter of our cause, please add this Flagbox to your Group or Wiki Page:

StäV Logo new.png Ständige Vertretung
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Revive Points

The Ständige Vertretung maintains two revive points in Tapton. The first revive point is located at Dix Place (46,75). Due to increase in members and sufficient demand, we decided to open a second revive point in Tapton. This time, we chose a very life-friendly location by chosing Rhodes Park (41,73), located in the North-West of the suburb.

Important: Please post your requests at the DEM Revivification Request Tool. The Ständige Vertretung supports the No Random Revive Policy and will revive people who requested a revive before reviving anyone else.


  • A new forum was created by De Oppresso Liber.

Old stuff is available here. For ancient forum posts visit these boards.

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