Templeman Auto Repair

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Templeman Auto Repair
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Templeman Auto Repair

Tapton [46, 78]

Snelgrove Way St. Emelia's Church the Kene Building
Merewether Park Templeman Auto Repair Priestly Street Fire Station
the Winwright Building the Lewen Museum a carpark

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repair shops can be barricaded normally.

Templeman Auto Repair


Templeman Auto Repair shop is a small car and motorbike repair shop in malton. It was a small family run business before the first infection, during the first infection it became dissused and abonded by all apart from one member


During the military's first attack on the infected Templeman's was used as a repair center for the armys motorbikes.

The head of the repair shop was Jonas Templeman who offerd his services to the army as soon as he could, he ran the company along with his wife Kobe, and his two sons, Dan and Jamie. Jonus had devoted his entire life to auto repairs, even leaving collage to take an apreticeship in Riddlybank, he was cast aside by his perants for doing so and had not heard of them since. When he was 23 he married Kobe lenin from Tokeyo, She had moved to Malton from Japan to persue her medical internship, she met Jonas when her car broke down on the way home, he offerd her a bed for the night while he fixed her car free of charge. 2 years later she gave birth to both Dan and Jamie. Jamie grew up to be a trouble maker, often taking motorbikes from the shop and selling them to known criminals, he was estimated to have lost his father £80'00 in Motorbike parts, he was expelld from collage during his first year and desended quickly into insanity he began to show parrinoia and a low form of Homicidle tendencies. Dan on the other hand was recalled by his teachers as a very intelegent, productive and dedicated child, at age 19 he impresed local Necrotech scientists with his thesus on reanimating dead cells so much he was offerd a job as a reasearcher.

Unfortunatly the night before Dan was scheduled to leave he was killed by his brother. The official statement by head of Malton police read, The accused was today found guilty of murder, Jamie Templeman killed his brother Dan Templeman through means of asphixyiation. When asked by therapists why he did it he told them that Dan was going to bring chaos to Malton and that he would be the death of thousands. Jamie was incarcerated in a Local asylum where 3 weeks later he was discoved to have hung himself with his own shoe laces.

When asked about this event both Mr and Mrs Templeman told reporters that they wished not to coment on this tradgady and planned to resume life as normaly as they could.

during the next couple of months Jonas became a heavy alchaholic, he would often spend more than £500 a week on alchahole. it was recorded that his wife Kobe left him the next year, she told reporters that she wished to finaly finish her medical scholl training.

The last record of Jonas templeman was on the lost flight 0903 to Japan, the plane was destroyed in mid air by a an eplosion caused by a electronics failiure, but many profesional aviation experts belive this to be false. many speculations have apeared over the internet stateing the Jonas Templeman was conected with the explosions, but this has be stated as unconfirmed by the aviation office.

For more on this story and many more visit www.Maltonofficialnews.infec --MattRooney06 01:56, 11 July 2009 (BST)

Barricade Policy

Current Status

March 11, 2010 - Currently at QSB, no generator. One dead body outside. Hopefully survivors will get to it before zombies do! --Wyndfyre 22:34, 11 March 2010 (UTC)

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