The Lewen Museum

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The Lewen Museum
HB, unlit
Danger Updater MDUDC 17:48, 12 February 2021 (UTC)
the Lewen Museum

Tapton [46, 79]

Merewether Park Templeman Auto Repair Priestly Street Fire Station
the Winwright Building the Lewen Museum a carpark
Lambourn Walk Fire Station
(Kinch Heights)
Dirkinson Drive
(Kinch Heights)
Edridge Auto Repair
(Kinch Heights)

Basic Info:

  • Museums have a wide range of different collections and exhibitions, although previously they were not lootable. Nowadays, different decorative items may be found there.
  • Generally, the descriptions found in Museums fall along the lines of "…currently displaying a(n) exhibition/installation/collection of _____________"
  • Museums can be barricaded normally.

The Lewen Museum


The Lewen Museum is an impressionist Sculpture Museum located at [46,79] in Tapton. It features a collection of impressionist sculpture, greatly ransacked by looters. Lately, a small group of survivors have been rescuing art from other museums to protect and display at the Lewen.


Barricade Policy

According to the Tapton Barricade Plan, the Lewen Museum should be Extremely Heavily Barricaded.

Current Status

Extremely heavily barricaded. All works and visiting survivors enjoy the protection of The Curator.