The Brookes Arms

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The Brookes Arms
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the Brookes Arms

Wyke Hills [55,98]

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Cheesman Bank the Brookes Arms a factory
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Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.
The Brookes Arms as it was in 1986, before it was altered to its distinctive yellow-stone and curved roof loved by Wyke Hills' barflies, blue collar philosophers and music enthusiasts that frequented the establishment.


The Brookes Arms' interior in 1962. Faye Brookes, age 53, entertains her visiting father, daughter Abigail and son Ian (seated by the door) during a lock-in. In the background, four local craftsmen and pub regulars discuss American blues music.


The Brookes Arms is currently the Base of Operations of Full-Custom Gospel. Come for the live music every Thursday, where even the the Rev himself and his friends have been known to play.


By order of the proprietor, it is to be maintained at Very Heavily Barricaded.


Pre-Outbreak History

The Brookes Arms as it was in 1934, when it offered room and board in addition to great beer and even greater tunes. Around that time, an amazing and eldritch blues musician who may or may not have been Robert Johnson (who has never been known to have visited the U.K., let alone left the U.S.) played a two hour show at the pub that chilled the awestruck audience of 42. A 25 year old Faye Brookes stands in the doorway.

The pub, which has changed appearance several times over the years, is a yellow-stone building with a curved roof and a derelict appeal. It features a downstairs bowling alley, added in 1953. The pub was built in 1928 by the British Samuel Brookes (January 3, 1906-January 11, 1998) and his American wife, Faye (January 15, 1909-June 29, 2005), to showcase American swing, blues and jazz music, which had a very small local following as a result. It was run as a mix between traditional British public houses and American honky tonks and juke joints. Prior to this, It had been a Freemasonic Temple, which had been built in 1881 and burned in 1912. By the 1950's, rockabilly had taken over and the teddy boys made the Brookes Arms their hang-out of choice. The rockers made it their home and fought the mods around the establishment in the 1960's when the mods wanted more contemporary music played. In the 1970's, the pub went back to straight blues and a little funk until the Meteors played there in 1983. Since that time, the pub has been the center of Malton's small but loyal psychobilly scene. American street gang Full-Custom Gospel started to frequent the establishment by 1992 and became close to and were well received by the owners. The Brookes' issue include Ian, Mildred, Nigel and Abigail. The latter two run their own Brookes Arms in Bangor, Wales. Mr. Brookes died in January 11, 1998 at age 92 and the Brookes Arms was run by Faye Brookes until her death in June 29, 2005 at age 96. The regulars put a plaque in front of the pub in tribute to these heroes of Wyke Hills culture.

Post-Outbreak History

The Brookes family Coat of Arms.
A Brookes Arms' stein featuring the Brookes family Coat of Arms. These steins were reserved for the pub regulars, who made life in Wyke Hills interesting.

Management was driven from their home in late March 2009 by the undead. "Dieter von Carstein" claims responsibility, although his claim cannot be substantiated by the management. The dead abandoned the building in search of prey a few days later and the location has been annexed by F.C.G. with no fight. There are still a few scragglers outside, however. "Von Carstein" again claims responsibility for a minor attack the pub suffered on the first of June, 2009. The situation was easily reversible.


In addition to various domestic and imported alcoholic beverages, the Brookes Arms pub(lic house) offers many food items. They include:

Domestic Cuisine

  • pork scratchings
  • pickled eggs
  • crisps
  • peanuts
  • ploughman's lunch
  • chicken in a basket
  • scampi in a basket
  • soda bread
  • beef and ale pie
  • steak and kidney pie
  • shepherd's pie
  • fish and chips
  • bangers and mash
  • hot pot
  • Sunday roast
  • pasties
  • Yorkshire puddings

Exotic Cuisine

  • hamburgers
  • curry
  • lasagne
  • chilli con carne
  • lo mein
  • pizza

The Rev's Special House Cocktail

While the Rev was tinkering with mixology in his spare time, he concocted a bastardized über drink. Visitors, enjoy.

Other house cocktails include:

Bar Tab

There is now a badge of honor for those who frequent the establishment. The food, beer, entertainment and service have been top notch since 1928, so be proud of your visit!

Zamgrh.PNG Translation
In zamgrh, this location is known as zah Braagz Abzarbbarn.