The Bullor Family

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The Bullor Family was one of the Rolt Clan families, remarkably, joining only after moving to Malton, Bullors being from a different area than most of the other families.

The Bullors are strong Scottish decent, and have three locations named after them, one street, one library (a twin project with the The Bayley Family), and a pub in Williamsville, where it served the many Bullor-born men working at the neighboring Krinks Power Station.

During the 80s, many Bullor youths became IRA supporters, and many copies of Bogside Paintings appeared on building walls. Many of the buildings have since been demolished, and other murals painted over and over again.

Preceding the outbreak, Bullors were few of the last families to remain in Rolt Heights. Their fate in the crisis remains a small mystery, but it is rumored that many of the now-middle-aged radicals had dug up their old weapons and fought their way out of the city. Or deeper in.