The Rolt Clan

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History of the Rolt Clan

The Rolt Clan was a collection of families based around the old village of Rolte, few hours drive from the east end of Malton. The Rolt families were mostly Irish and Scottish farmers who moved to England. Also remarkable is the amount of names beginning with 'B' within the clan, including Bromilov, Brien and Broke. Around the time when the area of Malton was becoming more and more inhibited, the families of Rolt started to move into the city. By a co-incidence, they all started to pile up in one specific area, on some small hills, soon nicknamed Rolt Heights. During the industrial age, the Rolt families became factory workers. It is also notable, that many of the families notable youths were the founding members of the Malton division of the Industrial Workers Union, and later, Communist Party.

At the wake of the First World War, and the rise of international socialism, many of the families took part in strikes and protests. One notorious strike was held in Rolls Avenue, where the police ultimately assaulted many members of the crowd, also resulting in the build of the triangle of police departments in south-east Rolt Heights.

The depression in the 80s left Rolt Heights partially deserted, and IRA gained some foothold in the radical youth, of especially the Bailey and Bullor families.

Towards the end of the second millenium, Rolt Heights was struggling, as industry was run down, demolished, leaving wasteland. The political rapper Trufbedn sprung from the area, and enjoyed moderate success with his songs of protest against the destruction of the neighbourhood, and the Truth-bending media.

Recent Years

Though the families are spread wide, some remained, taking guerilla warfare when the city was overrun. The Banfields, being expectionally tenacious, continued fighting for a long period, untill annihilation. It is rumoured that Oscar Banfield, a grandfather of the family had beenin guerilla training in Latin America in his youth and during the outbreak, destroyed, what is rumoured, over twenty ghouls before falling, IN ONE RUN.