The Eelms Family

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The Eelms family were wealthy social activists and great legal minds. Many streets and even a building were named after family members. However after only a few generations, and many deaths, the family fell on hard times and split apart all over Malton. Often dedicated to helping the lower class and fund raising for many causes.

Historic Famous Members

The family home, originally built by the industrious engineer and architect Cyrus Eelms(1880 - 1935), was later converted into an office building when the family hit hard times. Cyrus built several great wonders, though they all remain well outside of Malton's borders. Brain Cancer, and the resulting treatments, would rob him of the memories and eventually his life.

Perhaps the most notable member was Gerald Eelms(1910 - 1945). He was an philanthropist of sorts who sought social change in the less advantaged parts of the city. Although he only lived for thirty five years, his impact on the various ghettos of the thirties and forties was undeniable. Two streets, the way and the avenue, were named after him in honor of his achievements. He would later succumb to food poisoning after a fund raising dinner.

The last great activist of the Eelms family was Philip Eelms(1947 - 1991), who fought for the rights of minorities during the great upheaval of the seventies. An attorney by profession he founded a law practice which usually worked for worker's rights, feminists, and union laws. Almost ironically Philip was gunned down in the alley which was later named after him.

Known Current Family Members

This is only an incomplete list. Due to the family breaking up few members remained in contact with each other.

Janine Eelms wanted murderer and member of the female-only Hel's Daughters.

Footprints in Malton

The Eelms have four sights in modern day Malton. The family home, the alley, the way and the avenue were named after or built by family members.