The Fighting Cephalopods

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The Fighting Cephalopods
Abbreviation: TFC, MU Alumni, The Slimers, The ICC Sea Devils, Doomed
Group Numbers: Non-Euclidean
Leadership: A headless cheering mob, but Alumni Committee registry currently maintained by Klentis Maccabee & Pickmansmodel
Goals: Share with others the spirit of MU & ICC!
Recruitment Policy: Open to all MU and ICC Alumni.
Contact: Want in?
  • 1 - Give a shout here on the Notepad section of this page
  • 2 - Sign up on the Registry section of this page
  • 3 - Post proof of MU & ICC alumni status anywhere at the bottom of this page!

The Fighting Cephalopods is a loose-knit association of Miskatonic University & Innsmouth Community College alumni who seek to carry-on during the current zombie apocalypse that university's deeply-ingrained traditions of hope, benevolence, and cosmic peace. Although the world beyond the serene and Euclidean walls of MU most readily associates the moniker of The Fighting Cephalopods as being the name of the university's football team, those who have graduated from the unalarming institution know well and deep that all who have dwelled in MU's or ICC's stony study chambers are now and forever The Fighting Cephalopods. Go Pods!


Admissions Criteria

The Fighting Cephalopods is essentially the MU & ICC Alumni Association, and as such is open to anyone who has had his or her mind expanded through studies upon the famed campus. The Alumni Association is always eager to hear from former students, and is working to compile an active registry of alumni. Former MU or ICC students are encouraged to sign the registry and submit proof of attendance on the bottom of the page. Putting the name The Fighting Cephalopods in one's group box is entirely optional, and since we're a free-association organization (see below) entirely unnecessary.

  • Because an inordinate number of MU and ICC alumni have reportedly shuffled off this mortal coil, and because such members of indeterminate ontology are never free the ties that bind all Fighting Cephalopods to their alma mater, The Fighting Cephalopods does not discriminate against degrees of carbon-decay in the alumni body (indeed, in the MU Bulletin of 1937, MU officially recognizes that the degrees of humanity remaining in the extended human student body are largely indeterminate as well). As such, it matters not if you are living or dead: if you attended either institution, you're a Fighting Cephalopod (Go Pods!).
  • Due to the exceptional nature of MU curriculum--involving the predominance of customized degrees, by which each student is ushered at his or her own speed into the gaping maw of cosmic wisdom--determining the completion of one's bachelor degree is necessarily a highly-subjective, ever-convulsing, sometimes maddening enterprise. As such, possession of an actual bachelor's degree is not necessary for enrollment in The Fighting Cephalopods, only some sort of documented proof of previous attendance. What form that documentation takes is up to you. Go Pods!


The Fighting Cephalopods is a free-association organization, meaning that alumni are not asked or tasked to maintain any stronghold, safehouse, or suburb. As such, any former MU or ICC student is free to register him or herself as a Fighting Cephalopod, while still remaining principally dedicated to any other group, regardless that group's moral or ethical alignment; as well, a staunchly individualistic person might register him or herself as a Fighting Cephalopod while still remaining free from the responsibilities, fixed geography, and local politics generally associated with more nuclear survivor groups.

Nevertheless, the current chairman of The Fighting Cephalopods can regularly be found managing the McZeds Wykewood Branch, a few 'burbs north of Old Arkham. The backroom of the establishment currently doubles as The Fighting Cephalopods reception area and unorthodox mental treatment facility. Any and all MU or ICC alumni interested in registering in person can stop by and sign the registry over a complimentary Zomburger.

Brief View of Miskatonic University

The Historic Balthazar late on Fridays!
Campus Map

Located in the idyllic countryside of Arkham, Massachusetts, Miskatonic University has dedicated itself to nurturing the soft squishy brains of fledgling humanoids for over 90 heliocentric planetary revolutions around the system's class G2V star. The stony corridors and smartly tended green radiate with the hopes, dreams, and lifeforce of each and every anthropomorphic lifeform lucky enough to have traversed MU's hallowed halls.

Alumni Registry

Mrs. Ernest

  • Your name here!
  • Your name here!
  • ad infinitum/insanitum...

Notepad - Scribble Notes, Post Pics, Seek Alumni...

Ia! Guess I haven't been paying attention to the alum notices that occasionally show up in the mailbox. Let me see if I can dig up my transcripts. Do you also accept attendance at Innsmouth Community College? (GO SEA DEVILS!) Pickmansmodel 18:55, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

  • Innsmouth mean this place?
Another quiet Saturday outside Innsmouth Community College cafeteria - Go POds!

WHY OF COURSE! Welcome ye Old Sea Devil! Sure enough anyone who's suffered enjoyed a semester or three-thousand at the glistening CC along the sunny shores of Innsmouth is as much caught in the deep embrace of the one we love the most, our benevolent and all consuming not that guy, I'm speaking of course of DEAN RUTHERFURD! Please post transcripts or any other viable proof of enrollment here asap in order to receive your classy alumni pin and bumper sticker!--Klentis Maccabee 01:18, 10 March 2007 (UTC)

Beloved Dean, William P. Rutherfurd III

  • Fhtagn'A! It's good to find some old fiends, er, friends! Nil Failstorm 26 May 2007
Good indeed, Nil! Pardon me I can't stay long, have to go down to the coast and do the old song and dance once again. Just stopped in to grab these curvy daggers and this baby-fat candle.--Klentis Maccabee 19:01, 8 June 2007 (BST)

Hey! I have it on good authority that RichardUptonPickman is currently holed up in Crooketon! I'd visit, but duties keep me in Santlerville at the moment, cleaning up. Damn, but those zeds know how to PARTY! --Pickmansmodel 18:00, 31 May 2007 (BST)

Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn! Just passing through on my way to Dunwich. Glad to see fellow alumni in town. GuesssWho

Doctor Phineas Kilbourne here. PhD-Transmortal Biology, class of '07. Currently conducting an extended field study on undead neuropsychology... I'm going deep undercover on this one, if you catch my meaning. If I come across any of you in town, I'll give you a tangling grasp er, friendly handshake. --Dr. Kilbourne 17:10, 31 October 2008 (UTC)

  • Dr Francis Morgan, Professor of Archaeology and occasional dabbler in the occult here. I'm offering my services to MU and friends. --Dunwich 00:42, 14 March 2013 (UTC)

Proof of MU or ICC Attendance

Please fill the space below with any mind-assuaging proof of attendance at either the senior or junior college. GO CRAZY, you CEPHALOPODS!

I suppose you could always ask to see their Alumni Pin.


  • An inquiring one would want to look under the 'Companies' heading at the bottom left of the linked page.---Stuntman Jack 21:32, 22 April 2007 (BST)

Brilliant design on that linked page, Stuntman. I can see why MU would have you on faculty. I've took the liberty of putting your name into the registery above, feel free to nix it if that's not cool.


Cthulhu Atari!

Miskalogo.jpg Friend of MU
This user or group supports Miskatonic University
WELCOME to the gentle, tender, unhorrific alumni fold, Nil!
Cthulhu Atari looks Cthu-cool! There's donuts and coffee on the booster table to the left, and something lurking in the storeroom to the right waiting to check your coat. At least I think it's waiting to check your coat. --Klentis Maccabee 21:19, 3 June 2007 (BST)

Still on my car. GuesssWho

Lost my mind over 28 years ago, haven't looked for it yet. Rpresser 05:28, 9 June 2008 (BST)

Of course, I still have my favorite Omega-Omega-Omega sweatshirt! --Dr. Kilbourne 17:10, 31 October 2008 (UTC)