The Flowers of Decay/Mission

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The FoD's Mission Statement

You've seen the rot and decay about the city. Not only the grime of the unwashed city, nor the festers and putrefaction of the shambling dead, but the rot of the mind, the rot of the soul.

Survivors idly chatting in malls and pubs, not caring that their comrades mere blocks away are being eaten alive by the undead. Soldiers who honestly believe that wasting ammunition on the zombies outdoors is somehow worthy of praise, but who flee like rats when the going gets tough, thinking nothing of abandoning their fellow human. The stink of those too incompetent to get anything done with a single character, those who would break Urban Dead's only rule.

Where there is such rot, there must be rebirth.

Consider Joe Q. Mallrat. An ignorant fellow who unwisely hangs around in his TRP of choice in a permanently safe suburb. Most of his day is devoted to overbarricading entry points, useless chatter and attacking outdoors zombies despite the fact that he has no need for further experience points. When the local mall faces a group of larger than 10 zombies, it crumples within the span of 3 days, merely a heartbeat compared to the old sieges of yore.

Then, Joe either neglects his duty as a survivor to restore the mall, or fights so incredibly ineffectually, he might as well not be trying. Then, after the threat has moved on, and order has been restored to the suburb, Joe returns to his usual state of complete non-vigilance. Inaction. Uselessness. He has long gone soft, like an apple months after being plucked from the tree.

Then along comes a servant of the FoD, who sees Joe, a pathetic excuse for a survivor, and passes judgment. With but a flourish, a few words, and a well-timed pull of the trigger, Joe Q Mallrat's body slumps to the ground. There it will lay for hours before it crawls out, helpless, to be revived at a later time. Then, Joe Q Mallrat feels the cold air of life again in his lungs and returns to his home.

What does Joe Q Mallrat feel now? Anger? Sadness? Either way, he has been shaken out of his fugue of inaction. With sufficient repeat performances, or while watching the bodies of his friends fall like cordwood, he shall learn vigilance. He may even take it upon himself to hunt the one who killed him, or people like them. But at least he is doing something. A price the FoD would gladly pay if it means Joe Q Mallrat's heart is pumping again, if he ceases to be a waste of AP and starts earning his place in Malton, even if he does so unintentionally.

And then, when the hordes of shambling undead return, perhaps Joe Q Mallrat may have learned enough to do something. And perhaps his friends will also have been pushed into action as well. Together, they can fight the hordes. All it took was a wake-up call, a push, a little blood now to spare much blood later.

All hammered and strengthened by the anvil of the FoD's actions. For we are more than punishment, we are a call to action, a dare, if you will, a dare to do something about the weakness in Malton.

Now, multiply this learning experience times a thousand, all across Malton. The FoD has a long way to go. But Malton will learn strength again, even if we must force it to.

And so, it is up to us to force a purpose upon those who have none and punish those who persist in their blindness.

Where there is spilled blood, the flowers will grow.