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FOD Campaigns

This page contains an overview of each of the FOD's recent campaigns. For older campaigns, see our two archives HERE and HERE.

FOD Anniversary with Knights Templar

October 1-25, 2013.

We decided to spend our anniversary with our old friends, the Knights Templar, in Kempsterbank. The campaign was brutal and bloody, with many deaths on both sides after an impressive showing from the Knights Templar. Several of our old members returned for a while in honor of the event.

Samhain Slaughter 7

November 1, 2013.

Samhain Slaughter 7 saw a strong turnout from the Flowers of Decay and a number of bodies on the floor -- zergs, trenchcoaters, miscellaneous flotsam. Although in decline from previous years, there was still murder to be had.

Bainton Hotel & McCloud's Pub

November 2-December 6, 2013.

Hearing tales about the flotsam that frequented the place, we decided to pay a visit to The Bainton Hotel. However, our timing was poor, and we discovered that its usual residents were away when we arrived. After killing a few assorted members of The Fortress, Army Control Corps, and Soldiers of Crossman who happened to be in the area, we decided to move on.

The Philosophe Knights were in Peppardville, dealing with a group called McCloud's Pub who had, for some reason, set up a pub inside of a library right next door to an actual pub. We moved in to assist them in the operation. Some old enemies of ours, the Burchell Arms Regulars, were on a pub crawl and hanging out in the area as well.


December 20, 2013.

From old Norse tradition, we came upon the idea to perform an animal sacrifice on the winter solstice in order to gain magical powers to let us kill more effectively. To that end, we headed for the obvious place to find a large number of animals at once: the Malton Zoo. We struck hard and fast, clearing out the sixteen beings who were in the Lion Enclosure as well as assorted kills in the surrounding buildings over the following days, and set up a tree for offerings in the Elephant House.


January 3-26, 2014.

With our newly acquired magical powers, we set out for the Haslock Building in Chancelwood to pay a visit to THEM. Much pie was had all around. A number of zombies who turned out to be zergs showed up to disrupt our fine murder spree, leaving Haslock in poor shape and our enemies frequently dead. After killing many of them and smashing their generator several times, we decided to pull out early due to the circumstances.


February 1-28, 2014.

Teaming up with the Philosophe Knights and The Slobbering Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens, we brought about a return of DAFFODILS, targeting the suburb of Havercroft. In the midst of this campaign, we held a Valentine's Day Massacre that cleared out Ackland Mall as well as the Axworthy Hotel. We turned the mall into a lovely botanical garden in honor of hibernaculum before the flotsam moved back in.


March 3-29, 2014.

We heard about a new gang in town, let by a fellow called the Governor, insisting that Wyke Hills be called Woodbury. It wasn't clear if they actually did anything beyond sit around in a club and spraypaint annoying graffiti. As soon as we got there, most of those who had been tagged as Woodbury dropped their tags, and scurried away to hide, one of them even changing his group tags to "screw the flowers of decay". After a rather anticlimactic campaign, we moved on to more fertile grounds.

The Fortress

April 1-May 3, 2014

Next up, we set our sights upon the pillar of survivor hubris, The Fortress. We traveled to Shackleville and struck down their leadership in Carder Row School. It did not take long before the tears started to flow, and the Fortress' brave brigadier, Tommy Crowbar, was quick to denounce us as evil griefers and horrible people. Then, one member of the Flowers of Decay attempted to take out known zerger, Abe Brown, who was taking refuge in Carder Row School, only to find him being healed in real-time by the Fortress' own Head, Jensonson. The Fortress was quick to reply that Jensonson was mostly retired, rarely came on their forum, and didn't really know anything that was going on these days. It's nice to know that the Fortress is in such good hands, then.

Tiring of shooting fish in a barrel at Carder Row School, we moved on to try to hunt down their strike team, and also knocked over several members of Army Control Corps and the Department of Emergency Management while we were at it.

BAR: One More Round

June 4-July 2, 2014.

We headed back to the northeast to revisit the Burchell Arms Regulars. It was some good old-fashioned shooting on both sides, and featured several rounds of booze and karaoke.

Mall Tour/Block Party

July 2-August 25, 2014.

Our next Mall Tour started in the northeast, but Treweeke was already ruined, so we hit Dowdney first, taking some shots at the mallrats scurrying within before heading to the Block Party.

Roftwood was a meatgrinder. Hildebrand Mall was quickly ruined after few kills from us, and we took the opportunity to shoot the partygoers and take some potshots at the neighboring malls of Tynte, Nichols, and Woodroffe. While some of us were in the Roftwood area, a second team went to Penny Heights to shoot up Lumber and Joachim Malls before we moved on.

Giddings was already ruined. Mitchem was sparsely populated, but we killed a few there on the way by, likewise for Pole. Blesley was empty. We regrouped at Buckley Mall and wiped out everyone inside in a coordinated strike. Moving up to the Locketside/Blythville area, we terrorized Marven and Tompson Malls, emptying Tompson and making a number of kills in Marven. We headed up to Ackland next, but the mall was ruined the day after we arrived in Havercroft. We then swung by Caiger, which was also ruined, but we made targets of several members of the Fortress who were in the area.

Next, we hit Calvert Mall, and cleared it out before moving on to Bale. Despite attacks by zergs and bounty hunters, we wiped out Bale Mall as well. Our final target was Stickling, and we emptied the mall of its handful of survivors to call an end to another Mall Tour.