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Commander: Mercinus3 (VO)
Lieutenant: Natalie Evens (CM)
Sergeant: Piccon003 (HL)
Vigilance Legend: Avatorous
Vigilance Overlord: Jim McCloud
Havoc Lord: ---
Havoc Knight: Dr. Sergio
Campaign Master: ---
Campaign Warrior: ---
Chief Assault Officer: ---
Assault Officer: ---
Batallion Ranger: ---
Conflict Trooper: ---
Deployment Soldier: ---
Engagement Squaddie: ---
Freedom Fighter: ---
General Enforcement: ---


Photo-Jun2012Grp1 SS.gif
You turn over the photo and see an almost illegible scribble which reads:
Taken in June, 2012. From left to right, bottom to top:
Jim Mccloud, Avatorous, Sir Darin, Aliahnnyah, Dr Sergio, Mercinus3, Boocatbutterbee, Banokles, Arthiliax, FearfulPinata, Natalie Evens, Raf van Duistermaat, Cat Burglar, Sache, piccon003, kukuriku and beloved guest members Lucy Daniels & Sac001.


Who Are We?

Dark Watch is comprised mostly of battle-hardened warriors with a few relatively recent graduates. As such, it is an ideal learning environment in which tactical details and strategies are actively reviewed and discussed. Led by Commander Jim McCloud, this team is known for their good humour, deadly efficiency on the battle field and impressive individual careers. The leadership is fun, tactically sophisticated, supportive and prioritizes identifying individual member's strengths and learning styles and helping them to build a career they can enjoy and be proud of.


How We Roll

Dark Watch is a finely tuned, experienced combat squad with a proclivity towards jello shots and naked twister parties. Real Time Strike (RTS) sessions are held daily and attendance is highly encouraged. Our team is tight and communicates primarily via MSN Messenger with daily forum posts to maximize efficiency, coordination and vigilance.

RTS are a crucial part of any combat team's effectiveness and here in Dark Watch we have several for you to choose from:

  • Got a thing for needles? Love the thrill of rushing to the aid of a bleeding victim? Then maybe Jim McCloud’s Medical Spearhead RTS is just for you. Get your adrenaline pumping while saving the people of Malton. Join in spearheading medicine from Monday through Friday.

  • Syringes not really your style? Do you have more of an Itchy trigger finger? Like, an extremely itchy trigger finger? Then do we have something for you, Sir Darin’s Combat RTS. Load up your gun, grab some extra clips because we all know you will need them, and get ready to bring the rain down on those walking rotters. So blow zombies away on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Combat RTS.

  • Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But this is just the weekdays, isn’t there anything over the weekend?” Well you’re in luck, because we know that everybody wants a little fun over their weekends and what is more fun than gunning down a bunch of zeds then downing some jello-shots to celebrate. Then try out The Weekend Worst RTS, we are the best at being the Worst nightmare for a Weekend party going zed. Come join us on Saturdays for a party that will truly rock your brains out, you won’t want to miss this.

  • For those caffeine crazed folk and insomniacs, we have something special for you, Morrigana’s Night Owl RTS. Burn the midnight oil on the zombies’ head, tell some ghost stories around the campfire, use your guns to play laser tag with the zombies, or go Rambo on those hordes. So come on and join the Watchers as they slip through the dark to do what they do best, saving lives and kicking ass, every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Our Commander

<--!Morri's:Rainbow29.gif --> Mar 26 2013 to Present Day - Commander Mercinus3

Our History

Welcome, stranger! Help yourself to the jello shots and make youself comfortable. *the barricades creak omniously* It sounds like we've a long night ahead of us. Hm? You want to know about my team's history? Well, let's see...

Dark Watch was formed in January 2007. Dark Watch's first Commander, NuAgeTechno, was a recruit that Jensonson had originally signed up from the streets. After sifting through a host of squad name options created by Fortress members, NuAgeTechno settled on the mysterious and bone-chilling name, DARK WATCH.

Unfortunately, the first few months of Dark Watch were rocky. They lost commander after commander, and without the dedicated leadership they required, Dark Watch was dissolved in July 2007. Following this, Dark Watch members were reassigned to other units within The Fortress, and many in The Fortress assumed the team would never rise the glory envisioned by those first loyal members.

Unexepectedly, less than six months later, Dark Watch rose again like a Phoenix. With the passion of its former members burning bright, and the substantial talent of several new recruits, Dark Watch was formed again under the command of FireWarlord. A talented young soldier by the name of Dedun was named as Lieutenant and helped Commander Warlord organize and get the team back on their feet. Regrettably, after a messy and unfortunate zombie accident in April of 2008, Dedun was forced to retire and a recently transferred member, Anne Tardew, was named as the next Lieutenant. Commander Warlord and Lieutenant Tardew led the team to their established greatness over the next eight months. Together with their outstanding team, they completed some fantastic feats, such as fighting back The Dead and a two month siege at Caiger Mall.

In December 2008, Warlord stepped down after 325 days as commander. Soon after, Anne Tardew was named Commander of Dark Watch and Morrigana was named as her Lieutenant. The team has continued to thrive under their leadership. Anne Tardew ran the team for nine straight months before stepping down.

Ziptrickhead then rose to take her place as commander and Kevin Tarot was promoted to the position of Lieutenant. In November 2010, LT Kevin Tarot left Dark Watch to become a Drill Sergeant in Boot Camp. Three weeks later, after 443 days of command, Commander Ziptrickhead announced his intention to step down and join the general ranks of Dark Watch.

In December 2010, upon promotion to the rank of the commander of Dark Watch, Morrigana named Jim McCloud her Lieutenant and Sir Darin her Sergeant. She then proceeded to lead Dark Watch for a whopping 503 days and also attained the title of Dark Watch Bartender, serving out not just the jello shots which Dark Watch is famous for but also a boundless enthusiasm and love for all her Dark Watch members.

Morrigana stepped down in April 2012 due to time constraints and her capable Lieutenant, Jim McCloud, who had performed superbly as acting commander in her periods of absence, stepped up as commander and began his reign of *Jim whispers to the storyteller* ...terrrrrific management?

The story continues...


Former Commanders of Dark Watch

8 Jan '07 to 14 Feb '07 - Commander NuAgeTechno (37 days)
23 Feb '07 to 9 Apr '07 - Commander Studz (45 days)
19 Apr '07 to 15 May '07 - Commander Charlie Mon (25 days)
15 May '07 to 29 Jul '07 - Commander Tommy Crowbar (75 days)
13 Jan '08 to 3 Dec '08 - Commander FireWarlord (325 days)
11 Dec '08 to 4 Sept '09 - Commander Anne Tardew (266 days)
4 Sept '09 to 21 Nov '10 - Commander Ziptrickhead (443 days)
8 Dec '10 to 24 Apr '12 - Commander Morrigana (503 days)
Apr 24 2012 to Mar 25 2013 - Commander Jim McCloud (336 days)

Recent Dark Watch Operations

Vampireface S4.jpg Image Unavaliable DW078SavingOlimar06F.jpg DW079ProhibitionSmohibition03F.png
[Mar 16] Operation: Last Hurrah

Dark Watch farewells Commander Morrigana in true Dark Watch style -- by partying hard and pissing off The Dead in Dunell Hills.

CO: Morrigana

[Apr 21] Operation: Save Olimar!

Olimar has crash landed in Malton and needs Dark Watch's help to recover parts of his ship. Will Dark Watch be able to recover them in time? YES! Dark Watch, using teamwork and ingenuity, manage to find all 30 pieces needed in time to fix his ship and send him safely home. Dark Watch also discover strange artifacts and gain several glimpses of Lord Pitman himself! What do these strange encounters mean?

CO: Jim McCloud

[May 25] Operation: ProhibitionSmohibition

Dark Watch heads down to Wyke Hills to deliver a helping of alcohol and other party items to Fortress 3. Plucky locals and feisty zeds aren't enough to slow us down, as Dark Watch not only delivers the goods to Wyke Hills, but also move over to Gulsonside to spread the fun around!

CO: Jim McCloud


The Dark Watch Awards

What are The Dark Watch Awards?

The Dark Watch Awards are a series of awards awarded at the end of each operation. The awards are to recognize the hard work and achievements of members of the team who go above and beyond the call of duty. Each award has a different set of criteria to qualify an individual for the award and are varied to reward those who choose different careers, be it infantry, medic, engineer or scout. Additionally, the team also votes on the VIP for the OP and the Commander chooses a recipient who he/she believes is worthy of the Dark Watch VIP status for their work, commitment, and loyalty to the team.

Below are the recent recipients of The Dark Watch Awards.


Operation: ProhibitionSmohibition
Survivor: Aliahnnyah, Avatorous, Boocatbutterbee, Cat Burglar, FearfulPinata, Jim McCloud, Mercinus3, Natalie Evens, Piccon003, Sache and Sir Darin

Made it through the operation without dying due to zeds.

Slayers: Arthiliax, Cat Burglar, Dr Sergio, FearfulPinata, Piccon003 and Sir Darin

Obtained the greatest number of kills.

Healing Hand: Aliahnnyah

Used the greatest number of FAKs to heal others.

Life Giver: Natalie Evens

Revived the greatest number of people.

Carpenter: Piccon003

Spent the greatest amount of AP repairing buildings.

Stronghold: Sache

Spent the greatest amount of AP barricading buildings.

Power Ranger: Piccon003

Installed the greatest number of generators.

Sheikh: Piccon003

Refuelled the greatest number of generators.

DW VIP: Sache

Voted to be the most outstanding member of the team.

CO's Choice: Natalie Evens

An award given out by the CO.

Special Award: Mercinus3

Smashed the most bottles of alcohol on zombie heads.

CO's Choice: Natalie Evens

This operation was all about alcohol and our attempts to keep it flowing through the streets of Malton despite a prohibition being enforced. It was one thing to repair the ruins of buildings that supply our sweet booze, but it's another to keep people on their feet... alive that is, not keeping people from falling over due to intoxication. Natalie has ensured that all of us resisted the urge to eat brainz after that incident in Wyke Hills by reviving us all. For her work in keeping us breathing against all odds it's my great pleasure to award Natalie the CO's Choice Award for this operation!
-- CO Jim McCloud



  • *taps imaginary microphone* "Is this thing on? Hello! Dark Watch is awesome! With a constant barrage of RP's, RTS's, and all-around goofiness, we somehow manage to accomplish a lot despite the collective insanity of us all. It's definitely the most fun I've had in Urban Dead since I started playing 3 years ago! "

    -- piccon003

  • "Dark Watch gave me a sense of purpose I never expected to receive. Charged with maintaining the Wiki, I ended up developing my skills in graphic art in order to create the op badges the page needed, finding that everyone was very supportive. I quickly found myself confiding in them with a lot of my ideas, trusting them more than anyone else I knew. For me, Dark Watch has become more than a combat team, more than a group of people playing a game together, it is a family, a group of people who are able to be themselves in a friendly environment. We may joke around with each other, but it is always in fun and it is nearly impossible not to laugh in the daily conversations that develop after RTS’s."

    -- Sir Darin

  • "Dark watch is insaaaaaane!!!" *runs away screaming and flapping her straitjacket sleeves*

    -- kukuriku