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♥ The Gardeners ♠

The gentry of Monroeville have been murdered. Fortunately, the Monroeville branch of Red Rum was on the scene and promptly filled the newly vacated positions with several civic-minded citizens (themselves). Deeming many others amongst the upper classes distinctly unsuited, we aim to replace them one by one...

♣ Keeping the city in its rightful state ♦


Founded in the early 16th century by upper class colonial gentry, The American arm of RedRum was forcibly separated from their Malton chapter during the American Revolution. Unlike their more enthusiastic (read: insane) British counterparts, The Gardeners were a largely peaceful bunch, preferring to remain inside the confines of Atherton Mansion and discuss the finer points of the equestrian and horticultural arts.

That is not to say they were without eccentricities. Many of their members were reported to stalk through the forests which bordered Newtown in the dead of night, their Annual Hunt sometimes claimed more than just a deer or two, and the murder rate in Monroeville and the surrounding towns was surprisingly high. But these oddities were generally overlooked because of the Gardener's respected position as one of the city's founders and main charitable organizations.

With the onset of the Monroeville quarantine though, The Gardeners used the chaos to their advantage, offing a large amount of the city's remaining elite. Now, poised to seize control of the upper echelons of Monroeville society, The Gardeners hide in the shadows, preparing for their next "charity drive."


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