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'The Golden Empire'
Abbreviation: G.E.
Group Numbers: All in allegiance
Leadership: Khans: Huang Xin, Clancey Chaucer, along with Representative Leaders from each Group under Alliance of The Golden Emprie.
Goals: Ultimate Living Reign and Unified Groups of Humans under one Empire.
Recruitment Policy: With us or against us..
Contact: Forum

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The ""The Golden Empire"" is a grand organization that is the method by which The Mongolian Horde will unite all of Malton under our Spirit Banner. Joining the alliance is very simple. Contact either Khan Clancey Chaucer or Huang Xin directly or through our organization The Mongolian Horde. We will unite the entire city with all survivors and all groups working together to remove the zombie threat and a provide a powered Malton.

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We have a mutual defense accord with the Dunningwood Warriors.