The Gray/2006

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Gray
Abbreviation: The Gray
Group Numbers: Accurate numbers unavalible
Leadership: The Gray Council
Recruitment Policy: Not publicly recruiting at this time.
Contact: Follow the trail of groans.

A zombie group that has attacked Yagoton, Shearbank, Randallbank, and Roachtown in force starting from mid-december, pulling down critical buildings such as police stations, Necrotech clinics, and hospitals.

Members of The Gray (both living and undead) can be distinguished by grayish color of their skin. Their attacks are heralded by shouts of "Zarbrahz!"


If you've been hit by The Gray and want to make a contribution, place it here

Stickling Mall (30/12/2005)

After the last rule revision, which made it possible to traverse large buildings such as malls and cathedrals, through breaches in one square, Stickling Mall has been under continuous attack. Multiple breaches have been made and repulsed, but as of Jan 2nd, 2006, zombies solidly control the mall, with combined inside/outside zombies numbering over 200.

Yagoton (18/1/2006)

Go see the discussion page

Darvall Heights (1/3/2006)

A tiny little horde-ette (only 5 standing zombies) was doing a fine job of breaking into Tayler Lane PD and eating brains today. This doesn't sound much like the fearsome horde described elsewhere on this page, but let's give credit to the hordette for killing quite effectively. Go, zombie opponents.

Caiger Mall (4/3/2006)

A small group (6 zombies and at least one zombie spy) broke into the south-west corner of caigar mall and claimed a handfull of victims. As with the above report it was a small horde-ette unlike the larger numbers as reported earlier, but they demonstrated incredible co-ordination sneaking 4 zombies into the mall at once with active survivors barricading and bringing the barricades down to nil twice during the raid.

Alive & Kickin (10/10/2006)

We're back alive and kicking. Tremble in fear puny survivors.