The Lawson Arms

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The Lawson Arms
Sushieraser (talk) 04:02, 16 September 2021 (UTC)
the Lawson Arms

Ruddlebank [17, 89]

Baldwin Square Hugh General Hospital a warehouse
wasteland the Lawson Arms the Sainders Building
Chafy Towers
(Old Arkham)
Shew Library
(Old Arkham)
Club Bousfield
(Old Arkham)

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

This pub is bartended and under the protection of Ozfard and the UBA. This bar has more beer than you can shake a drunkenly-held shotgun at, and various other drinks to boot. Can't find what you want? Step over to the club next door and borrow some of their booze. Located next to a Hospital and a Necrotech building, this bar is the favored rest point of many a traveler. Also, a semi-permanent happy hour has been declared here: free drinks untill the zombies go away!

Check the status of the pub here:


Barricading Policy

To be kept at very strongly barricaded unless immediately threatened. Ruddlebank is pretty clear, so no major problems expected.

Recent News

10/23/07 Due to frequent break ins and attacks, we are temporarily upgrading our barricades to max. You can enter the pub through Club Bousfield, 1 block South East of the pub. -prayformojo, Lawson Arms Barback

10/4/07 The Arms had a major break in in which the bar was destroyed and many of our patrons used as a zombie buffet. Luckily, the loyal regulars of The Lawson Arms (along with the very welcome help of some fellow zombie hunters) were able to purge the bar and repair it. We are currently healing and rebuilding, and hoping to aviod another raid until things are back to normal. - prayformojo, Lawson Arms Barback

8/8/07 The Lawson Arms is now allied with the AoV. We will co-run their revive point.

8/3/07 The Lawson Arms belatedly welcomes Pray for Mojo as our newest barkeep.

6/17/07 People keep overbarricading! Stop that, please.

6/15/07 The zed inside is long since re-dead, and the barricades are up. I spent today looking for a radio in a nearby police luck.

6/12/07 We had a break-in! I used my last AP to rebarricade and heal the survivors, but there's still one zombie inside! I'm stuck sleeping here, but a barkeep must go down with his ship!