The McDonnell Arms

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The McDonnell Arms
VSB, lit.
AndyMatthews (talk) 00:06, 15 January 2022 (UTC)
the McDonnell Arms

Shuttlebank [30,17]

Garmston Bank the Keats Hotel
Brocklesby Boulevard
the McDonnell Arms Wooman Avenue Railway Station
Warrne Cinema
the Frappell Building Riden Avenue

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

The McDonnell Arms, located at coordinates 30,17, is the only pub in the suburb of Shuttlebank. It is a narrow white-and-redstone building flanked by trees. Baseball bats, beer, flak jackets, mobile phones, newspapers, shotguns, and wine can be found inside.

Barricading Policy

According to the Uniform Barricade Plan and similar plans drawn up by the Shuttlebank Militia, the McDonnel Arms is to be kept at the level of Extremely Heavily Barricaded.

"A brief stopover at the McDonnell Arms revealed a surprising and hidden gem. This small and quaint pub is secreted away just behind a large Necrotech corporation office, The Frappell Building, and was busy at lunchtime with scientist staff popping in for a bite to eat. I can see why it is popular as a midday retreat, the food was excellent!. A well selected standard pub menu ranging from fish-and-chips to burgers and pasta. I chose the burger, where they found such high quality meat in these troubled times is anyone's guess but it sure was tasty!. The beers were not particularly exciting but passable enough to wash down the excellent food. On the other hand the beer was so cheap we must have put away barrels of the stuff!!, we were in fact so drunk that I've not seen 2 of my compatriot 5punk pub crawlers since, I think I remember one of them wandering off to the bathroom, maybe he got lost in the kitchen... Conclusion: Excellent non-fancy food, boring beer but super cheap - Rating 4/5" - The Malton Good Beer Guide

Northern stopover of choice, NW DEM



The McDonnell Arms is in surprisingly good shape, given its proximity to Eastonwood. The downstairs is taken up by a long polished wooden bar, a common room complete with an reasonably well-working upright piano, and a well-stocked kitchen with a wood-burning cast-iron behemoth of an oven. Stairs lead to the upper floor, all the elbow grease in the world unable to erase the long-dried bloodstains in the old wooden treads. The hallway stretches one direction from the top of the stairs, five doors leading off to the left and right. The first room on the right bears signs of being frequently used, and holds a double bed, a desk, and several overstuffed chairs. Inside the room one will find a private bathroom, tiled, and holding a massive antique claw-foot bathtub. Pipes, put in post-quarantine, lead down from the roof and through to the kitchen below from a water-catch trough on the roof. The first room on the left also shows signs of activity, including a wardrobe full of towels from the nearby Keats Hotel and a working shower stall in its small bathroom. The second bedrooms on either side of the hallway are smaller and nondescript, while the third door on the right has a sign on the door proclaiming it a washroom. Repairs have been made to most of the rooms, making them as secure as can be given the danger from outside. Free-running lanes from the last two windows lead to the local NT building and to the Warne Cinema, as well as to the hotel and Wooman Avenue Railway Station nearby. During lulls in the feeding groans from outside, it is possible to hear the cooing of pigeons kept in a dovecote in the attic, reached via trapdoor in the hallway ceiling.