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UDWitness is an Iwitness-like screenshot service for Urban Dead. It first went online on February 26th, 2009, during an Iwitness outage. It is hosted by Haliphax, author of several GreaseMonkey UD scripts and host of the (now defunct) UDRecon reconnaissance service. In order to submit UDWitness reports, please visit the UDWitness homepage and save the UDWitness bookmarklet for later use. Clicking it while playing Urban Dead will submit a screenshot of your interface to be recorded and cataloged for retrieval. Submitted screenshots can be made public or private at the time of submission.

Since a few people have been put out by the length of UDWitness' generated URLs, the option to shorten a given UDWitness screenshot's URL via the bit.ly service API was added.

Please direct bug reports/suggestions/complaints to Talk:UDWitness or User_talk:Haliphax.

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