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Goltaur is a large man with a slack jaw and a fire axe. Ridiculed as a child for his hulking physique and sloping brow, Goltaur shunned the society of his fellow man preferring the isolation that could be found in the back rooms of factories and retail stores. But Goltaur was never truly alone having with him always a “Worlds Cuddliest Kittens” calendar from 1975. He was content to live in a world of paws and fluff and his social and verbal skills stagnated. In early adolescence, Goltaur became too big for his habitual hiding spots and the employees of the various stock rooms and factories began to notice him. Expecting a return to the mockery of his youth, Goltaur fled at first but slowly he began to discover that they were slightly less cruel than he had remembered people being. Seeing his physical advantages, they even gave Goltaur jobs. While adept at factory work, Goltaur’s favorite job was stocking sodas at a caffeteria. With each soda, he imagined the face of a past oppressor and jammed it into the dispenser with such force that the clientele could scarcely remove the beverages for purchase. In this way Goltaur finally got his revenge with every thirsty and thwarted patron. Hours before the outbreak, Goltaur got a new job stocking sodas at the local fire station where he had hoped to continue his reign of soft drink terror. However, all of that changed when the zombies began to arrive and the soda supply trucks stopped coming. Grabbing a fireaxe from the wall of his new place of employment, goltaur found a new use for his Neanderthal-like build and the first zombie heard the words “GOLTAUR SMASH!” as the fireaxe split its skull in two. Now he sports a red shirt with the words GOLTAUR SMASH written in sharpie marker, roaming Malton and clearing buildings in the hopes that one day the soda trucks will come again.

Goltaur is a member of the Damn Yankees and works primarily out of the Dulston area in the extreme Northeast of the city. Living in this dangerous area, Goltaur has acquired a high tolerance for pain that causes him to become confused whether he is living or zombified at any given moment, making him immune to the hunger. As a safe rule of thumb, he attacks zombies in both forms. His extreme isolation causes him to speak without pronouns or articles.