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A fire fighter trapped in the city when the dead reanimated. As grizzled as he is tenacious.

Where in Malton

Blake often hangs around near Greentown. You might find him looting goods at Marven Mall, having a brew at The Chafy Arms, or making runs through Dartside looking for zeds to kill.

Blake is back from a mission to Foulkes Village.


A member of the Green Street Elite.

Friend of MisterFahrenheit.

Character Build

Blake Jawl has maxed out Human skills, but followed a fairly standard Firefighter build. Initially taking Hand to Hand combat, followed by Free Running. I then focused on Pistol skills. Once I had full Pistols I took a few useful side skills including Diagnosis and Body Building. I then took Shotgun skills. With a full compliment of gun skills and axe skills to fall back on I then took Necrotech skills enough to do normal revivifications and DNA scans. After that I took Shopping and Bargain Hunting in order to make use of malls. Then picked off the remaining science skills, knife skills, etc. The last skill I took was Head Shot as it doesn't increase my combat or support abilities but does make me a larger target for vengeance "minded" zombies.

He has also recently picked up a few zombie skills, but only those useful to Humans and the skills needed to reach those: Ankle Grab, Lurching Gate, and (and soon) Scent Death. Scent Fear is needed for Scent Death but otherwise useless.

Eventually, when his Xp reserve is large enough, I may take him zombie and buy everything but Brain Rot... simply for the level ranking.


Blake Jawl at work before the outbreak.

As a heavily equipped firefighter, Blake is generally encountered wearing a flak jacket under his fire coat. His standard firefighter gas mask is on when combating zombies of blazes. For some reason he thinks it helps to conceal his scent from zombies or protect him in some way.

He always has his trusty tools with him. His axe, crowbar, wire-cutters, and first aid kits. He has also found it useful to carry about GPS devices, Revivification syringes, DNA scanners, communications gear. That EMT training comes in handy in these dark days.

Besides the axe, Blake carries 3 loaded shotguns, 5 loaded pistols, and an assortment of extra clips and shells. They may not be any good for fighting fire but they are a life saver when the hordes of undead come calling.


He is a bearded man wearing a soot stained flak jacket & coat. Shotguns are strapped to his back, guns are on his belt, and a fire axe is in his hands. He carries a messenger bag of science gear.


The bearded undead humanoid before you is bloodied with just a hint of puss. It seems rather well equipped for an undead, but is woefully unable to use the shotguns strapped to its back or gear in a bag slung around its shoulder.


a fake white beard, a Santa hat, a white-trimmed red jacket, a pair of white-trimmed red trousers and a pair of black leather boots


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