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Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

A red cross paramedic who volunteered to come to Malton after the outbreak to help the wounded. He is generally a nice guy. Usually he prefers to help people and leaves the zombie killing to others.

Why did he choose to become a paramedic?

When asked why he became a paramedic he usually answers something about helping people and doing good. But the real reason he chosed his job is different. He enjoys to see beautiful women suffer. Being a paramedic is a job where he can hear women scream and cry in pain, see their faces distorted by agony and feel their warm blood running over his hands. It amuses him that the women he saves see him as their great hero and don't realize how much their suffering arouses him. There is just one thing that always annoys him - that he isn't the reason for these women to suffer.

It's not like he is some sick psycho on a killing spree. He understands that it is wrong to torment people and does his best to hide this side of himself. He was always able to do so while being under the supervision of his colleagues and mimed the professional who only wants the best for his patients. But now that he is in Malton where anarchy reigns, where he is separated from his colleagues and superiors and murder is so common that noone really seems to care anymore about a human life it becomes more and more difficult for him to suppress his urges.

So when he is alone with a beautiful women and feels like noone is watching he sometimes becomes weak. Then he draws his pistol and immobilises her with some well-aimed shots in the hip- and shoulder joints, takes his knive and toys with his helpless victim until she bleeds to death. Afterwards he usually feels guilty and regrets what he did. But this phase of remorse usually doesn't last for long and he soon starts searching for a new victim.

Why did he became that way?

You might ask yourself - why does he enjoy torturing women that much? Well, it might be because of his mother who always abused him. Or it might be because of his three elder sisters his mother always prefered over him and who picked on him frequently. A key event in his life might be when he was twelve. His sisters bullied him again by throwing dog feces on him. They ran away over the road and the oldest of them got hit by a car. Seeing the sadistic wench he hated so much bleed to death on the road might in fact have been a relief for him. That he always got rejected by women he loved later in life might have contributed a bit to his character, too.


Tracey Larman
Lolingtons first victim. It was her long, beautiful hair that charmed him.
Her cute, pixie-like appearance reminded him of his youngest sister. His first reaction when he saw her was that he just wanted to hug her. The next thing he remembers was seeing her lying dead in front of him.
Blue Sun
A woman that was both beautiful and intelligent. She reminded him of his first love - a high school teacher he once fell in love with. But she also reminded him of the pain when she rejected him. And so he unleashed years of suppressed anger on her.
After his last murder Lolington swore to stop killing women. Then he met Katla. She had an impressive dragon tattoo above her breast. While watching the tattoo Lolington imagined how painful it must have been for her to get it and how she looked during this procedure. He just couldn't resist the desire to see her in pain for himself. He didn't want to kill her. Just hurt her a bit. But then he lost control of himself again.
It was a long time since Lolington killed his last victim. He thought he would be over his murderous tendencies. He felt secure that he finally managed to get himself under control. He even felt confident enough to start flirting with women. So he tried his luck with swedishfishsticks, a lonely scientist. But after exchanging a few sentences with her Lolingtons psychotic tendencies awoke again.
Alexa Malton
Although her look was a bit ragged by the current circumstances she was still trying to look good. This really impressed Lolington. Lolington asked himself if he should try again to build up a friendly relationship to a woman. But then the fear of losing against his dark urges overwhelmed him. So he just did what he can do best: Killing her. It doesn't count as losing when you don't even try to win, doesn't it?
When Lolington saw Avaery he was just stunned. She looked so hot that he could think about nothing but killing her. But then he noticed the badge of the Legion reading commanding officer and the weapons she was carrying. Lolington fought a lot with himself. He would have given everything to hear her scream in pain, but would he ever be save again after killing a leader of a bounty hunters group? Eventually Lolington decided that he would not be Lolington when he would miss this opportunity. And so he killed her and ran for his life.

(OOC) Code of Conduct

When playing this character I follow the following rules:

  • When I find myself in a breached building I heal wounded, repair the barricades and then I leave. I avoid any direct violence against zombies.
  • I never hunt zombies actively.
  • I never PK when the local area is under heavy zombie attack so that I don't disturb the organized defence.
  • I only PK characters:
    • Who are level 4 or above.
    • Whose descriptions clearly state that they are female.
    • Whose descriptions imply that they are exceptionally attractive.
  • When I PK the only weapons I use are pistols and knives.
Bloodyknife.jpg PKer
This user is a PKer and is probably off killing some poor defenseless survivor.