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Here lies Father Bigley J.
Taken from us before his time, only 29 years
old. His feared Blazing Crucifix, which
ushered 107 souls into the afterlife,
rests by his side. A keen member of none,
he rose from his grave 2 times
and was interred no fewer than 116 times.


Father Bigley, once a priest of low standing, found his true calling in undeath and dived in, teeth first. Even while he walked among the living his appearance was best described as ghoulish. Little has changed. His new flock murmur -- as once did his congregation -- of the fabled kettle which did mottle that scorched face and swole up those bulbous lips. Withered noses laud his stench over any other putrid corpse-mate, for waves of doused perfume radiate from his wrinkled skin and smother those manz who get too close.

In life the Father held a great fondness for demonstrating the destructive powers of hellfire. He tearfully recalls that awful day when his collection of Dana records fell on the wrong side of the Lord and were condemned to ashes. In rememberance he pursues his study into undeath; his fondest hummings blowing through alleyways, sweeping afore the relentless shuffle of a blazing cross.


Heating up in Roftwood.

Father Bigley
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