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Father Thompson
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Joined: Some time in '06
Character class: Consumer.
Favorite equipment: Trusty Crucifix, needles, FAKs, and likely some decorative items.
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Tending flocks, being pleasant.
Character group: N/A
Character stats: Indeterminate number of kills, indeterminate number of revives, lots of experience.
Journal: Survivor Diary for Father Thompson

Recovering Wikiphobic

I feel that I should be very straightforward about this: I disliked the wiki for a while, and am only recently creeping deeper into this frightening labyrinth of policy and flames. Please leave a message on my talk page if I err on a matter of policy, or if you see a troll sneaking up behind me.

Also be aware that I was primarily lured back in by the scent of cookies, and should I become addled, a pastry will soothe me.

Character History

Father Richard Thompson is originally from the American Southeast, North Carolina in particular, and if one listens closely in an unguarded moment, one can detect a slight Appalachian accent in his speech. After a childhood spent hiking through dense temperate woodlands in pursuit of new and interesting fauna, and an adolescence spent laboring ceaselessly on his family's and neighbors' homes and vehicles, Richard departed for Europe to study theology- largely at the expense of a wealthy church friend. The broader world that he encountered confused him, and challenged his faith- but he dug in his heels, graduated seminary, and found a happy niche in Malton, working at St. Clare's Church in Spracklingbank. He could often be seen in the church's parking lot, working on cars and talking shop with a few members of his congregation, or working on the building.

Then the zombie apocalypse hit. That too, tested his faith, and now he is rarely heard to speak of God. Father Thompson attempted to flee to a mall, but was unable to gain entry. After a period struggling, and failing, to survive, he finally found his way healing the injured. He moved to Pescoside, and set up house in the Love building. Each day, he would heal first those survivors who had found their way to his safe house, then head out into the suburb to heal others, and restock on supplies. But the Big Bash put an end to that... the Love Building was actually one of the last buildings in Pescoside to fall to the bash, perhaps because it was simply an inconspicuous safe house. Had the Father known then what he knows now, then the day before the building fell, when he wandered a suburb stripped of life, surrounded by corpses and zombies, he would have just kept moving- but he returned to the building, in the vain hope that the bash would pass by without breaking it.

That death was a hard one: he wandered for days looking for a revive. Everywhere, the lines were long, and revives came slowly- if they came at all. It was then that he decided not to try to survive on his own anymore, and joined the MCDU. After graduating from the Academy, he was assigned to Unit Two: The Black Knights. He strove to do his best in the organization, and was eventually promoted to the position of Executive Officer, when Six Winged Angel, his unit's former XO, left to take command of the newly formed Unit 8. After several campaigns, the General took his leave of the MCDU, and promoted Cameron Hawke to the rank of Ground Forces Commander. Cameron left command of the Knights to Father Thompson. This become a position on the DEM council, after new rules passed providing the MCDU with greater representation on the council. Eventually, Cameron left the MCDU altogether. Father Thompson took command of the MCDU for a period of time, before eventually retiring from that position himself, and thus also losing voting privileges in the DEM council, although he continued to participate in council discussions on a strictly advisory basis, as former councilors are entitled to do.

He roamed for a while, unaffiliated. Then, he formed the MCI, a short lived subgroup of the MCDU, dedicated to scouting. He left the group shortly after its formation, and shortly before its dissolution. Short, short, short. He thus found himself once again unaffiliated with any specific group- although still active within the DEM in an advisory capacity, and also sometimes as a public face of the DEM during periods of controversy. This eventually led to his appointment as DEM chairperson. He had a mostly unremarkable tenure as chairperson; there were few major changes in policy, but there was, at least, also a substantial drop in visible drama- both with groups outside of the DEM, and in internal conversations. Last major contribution to the DEM, was playing an instrumental role in finally codifying and formalizing its rules of order- which had previously based on (sometimes unclear) precedent, consensus, and a few declarations from founding members.

Now, he wanders from town-to-town, setting up in churches and maintaining them as newbie safe houses, reviving, and generally offering what assistance he can. In good times, when the people of his current town are healthy, he mainly just collects art.

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