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BB3-template-red.jpg Big Bash 3!
This user or group was with Big Bash 3. They were last seen
heading home after the party.
Please have your brains ready for later.

hey, jack kolt here. Playing Urban Dead.

A list of the stuff I have done in my free time is here.

now for the less intelligent stuff!


Mpd.png Malton Police Department
Jack Kolt is a member of the MPD.
Weapons.JPG Weapon of Choice
This user's weapon of choice is his Heckler & Koch USP.
A Brain.jpg Brainstock User
This user posts on Brainstock.
Keyhole2.jpg Just Lock the Freaking Doors Already!
This user can't figure out why survivors don't just lock their doors to keep out the zombies.
drop acid then read this. its a trip.
Gun.jpg Bang!
Jack Kolt wants You to die.
Kevanism.gif Kevanism
This user is a Kevanist. They believe that the universe was created approximately 15 years ago by an intelligent designer.
SPFC.jpg Susan Popham Fan Club
This User acknowledges Susan's greatness.
Earth.jpg Where is Malton?
Jack Kolt thinks that Malton is in the southern UK.
Arms.gif Malton Coat of Arms
This user honors the Malton Coat of Arms.
Policebadge.jpg Cop
This user is a Cop and is probably off shooting a zombie.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Smallaofc.PNG Survivors Defending Fort Creedy Supporter
This user or group is a supporter of the Survivors defending or reclaiming Fort Creedy.
Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward
This User Pays It Forward.
Bill&ted05.jpg DUDE! It's a Template!
Jack Kolt has been known to say the word "Dude" from time to time.
EscapeFail.jpeg Escape Fail
I participated in Escape and all I got was this lousy template.