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Call me Donny. I'm a relatively unobtrusive player, prone to long periods of silence. I will be responsive, though, complying with or giving suggestions as the situation demands. As a rule of thumb, though, DO NOT get in my way, or try to be a smart-ass. It will most likely end up with some form of punishment. Oh, yeah. Being around me isn't getting in my way. Being obstructive without being a zombie IS.

Rogers.jpg Mr. Rogers Style!
This User plays as Mr. Rogers would. They are non-violent as long as there is peace. Start something, however, and expect the wrath of Mr. Rogers and his whole neighborhood.
Template created by Tohrurokuno 8 Jan 08 Proud Sponsor of Urban Dead!
This User decided to stop being a cheapskate and donated to Urban Dead. So what's your excuse?

Play Style

I'm a relatively serious role-player, but I see no problem with metagaming, since communicating with your group would NOT be a time- or energy-consuming activity in real life. I also embrace opportunistic play. I find this most realistic within the constraints of the game, since when you are undead, you are supposedly subject to the same desires and cravings as all zombies. When revived (whether at a revive point (unintentionally) or through so called combat reviving), realistically, you will be yourself again. You WILL be horrified and scared of zombies, trying to kill them to save your own life. So, that's how I'll play it, mmk? In other words, Mrh Cows will be slightly ridiculed.

Zerging = bad. Any questions? Yeah? Well, shut up!

McZeds.png McZeds™
This User eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.
Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPG's, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of Roleplaying and/or Creative Writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

TheOpportunists s.png The Opportunists
This User supports

opportunistic behavior.


I have chosen to affiliate my self with The Opportunists since I share their views on fun zombie gaming. Branzh!!! Eeek!

I helped found the group Dirty Dozen with a few friends. Yay donuts and beer! *goes and checks fridge*

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Sacred Ground Policy & acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.



John Plisken

Jeff Pliskin

Paul Ames

Last known locations

Killercool - 85,54 S

John Plisken - 92,32 Z

Jeff Pliskin - 48,88 Z

Paul Ames - 34,99 Z