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ASTLEY or All Survivors and Trenchcoaters Laughing at Egg Yolks, maintains that yellow is a stupid color for egg yolks.

As such, ASTLEY maintains that all eggs in the city should be sawed in half, the yolk dyed a different color, and then taped back together. This is in direct symmetry with the complex evolutionary process, or God if you prefer, wherein yellow egg yolks are acceptable; under ASTLEY, they are not.


Groups that Support this Policy

  1. The Rick Astley Fanclub

Individuals who Support this Policy

  1. Labine50
  2. runemasteryx (mabye a tartan paint would make the eggs look nicer)


This is mostly a tongue-in-cheek jab at PEP, which is seen as a useless policy by the creator of this page. ASTLEY was thought up after the creator of PEP said, "Policies don't have to have a real function to be useful- often times a policy is in place so you can say "yes, we have considered the issue, and here is our belief"." So, here it is- The most functionless (For lack of a better word) policy that will ever exist.