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For the time being im taking a vacation in france where half my family lives and im on a really #@à&éç computer so untill I get back home this is my temporary user page. The reason I'm not goning to start woark on it immediatly is due to the fact that i hate this forgien keyboard: From the top left the key's go azertyuiopqsdfghjklmwxcvbn so that make it really annoying to type. on top of that to put a period or any punctuation you have to press shift or in this case an inconvieniently placed up arrow... for any first person shooter fans out there instead of the useal movement key's wsad it's zsqd) So in a week or two if you care to check back this page might look better if im not to lazy. yes, and if you've noticed my bad spelling... well, its not the keyboards fault. < I also would like to join ghetto cow :D > and my real name is max and i useally dont use maxiie as an alias (never have before) but i did for the sake of roleplaying and im lvl 1 in urban dead, and i want to join ghetto cow and and and.. i'm sleepy typety typety typety...

GC-dumb.png The Biggest Ghetto Cow Template ever!!!
This user or group or squid or rat or stripper or character or Robot or coalition or universe loves Ghetto Cow more than or equal to The Cap and thinks that scotch and cheese and beer and hookers are awesome and hates Akule and luvz c4nt & AlQilya Jihad and is looking for Penelope and recognizes the supreme and awesome power of The Supreme Czarina and even has 24563274953475983534759835 alts with Ghetto Cow/Zach.