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As much as it saddens me to note, I have now officially left the wiki. I have since moved on from the game, and am finding it less and less rewarding to come to the wiki. Further, I have noted that the spectre of my presence has continued to hamstring the community in rebuilding itself to a more fitting form, despite the fact that I'm not really around.

Thus, I shall be leaving this wiki. I encourage those in the community to continue to mold this community as it's needed, to be bold in doing this, and to realise that the rules and procedures on this wiki are as malleable as anything else here, and should be improved and/or replaced whenever it is needed. Do not think that the rules as I wrote them are set in stone.

I thank the community for the fantastic ride, but it's long since time I left.

-- Odd Starter T M W! 14:24, 28 June 2006 (BST)'

This is my wiki page. As a wiki page, it is editable to anyone. Yes, this means that you can edit my user page, and I cannot do a thing about it. With that said, If you are going to edit my page, please respect it and myself while you're doing it, and don't abuse the trust I give you. If you do not respect my page and myself, I'll be forced to remove your contributions. If you just want to talk to me, consider using my talk page for that purpose.

What Others think of Odd Starter

Ron Burgundy's High and Perverse Thoughts

They say this cat is a bad mother- shut 'cho mouth!

But I'm talkin' 'bout Odd Starter-

Then we can dig it.

Amazing's controversial viewpoint

Odd Starter reminds me of this Potato Farmer I once knew.

He was run over by his own tractor. While it was parked.

I think that's mostly why Odd Starter reminds me of him. He seems like someone who may one day run afoul of a motionless inanimate object.

Quick Disclaimer

I don't think this should need to be said, but I'll say so regardless.

I reserve the right to change my opinions at any time for any reason. I am not now, nor have I ever been, the kind of person to stick by my previous comments if I believe they were not made with the correct information at the time. My decisions are final, but I do reserve the right to disregard previous decisions if I later feel they were made in error.

Essays on the game and Wiki

Current Projects

This is where I intend to put my current wiki projects on. Some will intersect with my game projects - when you're waiting for the Melee weapons to get some decent treatment, you've got to do something to pass the time, and I don't believe in using firearms...

Search Odds Project

I'm one of several people lending their characters out to assist in uncovering Search Odds in-game. Odd Starter, Odd Tester and Odd Tester II are currently participating in this project.


I play the following Characters on Urban Dead:

  • Odd Starter - Level 11 (I think) Civilian/Consumer. Has survived for a while, Never Been Killed. He now has every single non-combat ability, and I'm intending to wait for a while before I start purchasing combat skills - I kinda like the dedicated helper. He's currently being used to explore Search Odds for the Search Odds Project, and to this end he's currently parked in Calvert Mall in Quarlesbank
  • Odd Zombie - Level 15 Zombie/Corpse. Is killed on a regular basis. Headshotted quite a bit, too. Seeing as I now have most of the skills I want now, this no longer bothers me. Do your worst - if you can find him...
  • Odd Tester and Odd Tester II - These are characters I'm using to further my research into the game. Odd Tester is a Level 1 Scout (currently scouting about with no fixed residence), Odd Tester II is a Level 1 Consumer (currently parked inside Bale Mall in Yagoton). I have no intention of levelling either one up - they are adequately trained for the tasks I intend to give them.

Scratch Pages

Pages used for my own experimentation, and for drafting page set-ups.