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Yeah, Eh know, makin' a page fer myself is so't of vain, but where else t' put meh journal an' shit, eh lads?
Anywhos, if ye see me, you'll know meh damn fast! I'll be wearing mah cracked glasses, dark green tee'd shirt, scraped back boots, blood soaked brown trousers an' jacket, as well as eh brownish beret. Oh, an I got a messy beard an some REALLY orange hair, I'm meaning crayon orange! It's the Irish in meh, lads, true an' green!

Me Journal

Me journal can be found at meh journal. It's rather messy, as I never seem to write ev'rything in the same notebook.

Flaggyflag.jpg Rank Patch
Sean Connolly is ranked Leader in The Survivor's Republic.

UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block

Books.jpg Centers Of Learning Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Centers of Learning Policy & acknowledges that all libraries, schools, zoos, and museums in the city of Malton are considered safe places. No survivor in one of these locations may be killed for any reason unless that survivor is a specified enemy of this user or group.

Fine Arts1.jpg Fine Art of Malton Supporter
This user or group supports the Fine Art of Malton movement & acknowledges that all museums are PK ceasefire zones, heal points, and are to be a barricading priority.