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50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59
30 the Wagland Building a carpark Trotter Place Luckraft Cinema Worcester Library Rumble Crescent Bathe Boulevard Railway Station St Helena's Hospital2 the Gifford Motel the Manly Motel 30
31 Robinson Lane a warehouse Croom Towers Sonvico Cinema Matraves Crescent Police Dept Club Willshire Haig Grove the Duke Hotel the Cosway Building Chisholm Square 31
32 the Chidgey Building Schever Towers Woodford Road Fellowes Lane the Weary Building St Dionysius's Church0 Starling Street Bignal Lane a warehouse the Bingham Museum 32
33 Traves Lane Police Dept Sires Boulevard Police Dept St Paul's Church Doneghue Walk a factory a factory a cemetery Coome Drive James Alley a junkyard0 33
34 the Bourder Building a junkyard a cemetery the Novell Arms0 Stonnard Lane Cyril General Hospital9 Bateson Street the Chudley Building Hegarty Bank a carpark 34
35 the Portman Building Date Drive Hasell Way Tar Auto Repair Marriott Crescent St Dymphna's Church a cemetery Sparkes Towers Gilbert Square Furber Auto Repair 35
36 Mussabini Way Alner Mansion Alner Mansion Vaux Grove School McCann Lane the Scott Motel the Spinks Monument Newbery Street Cass Row the Connor Arms 36
37 Townsend Walk Alner Mansion Alner Mansion Hoffman Walk Bayfield Drive Pegrum Square Fire Station Stiles Row the Hepburn Building Failand Street the Pither Building 37
38 the Haim Building Club Pearce Glanfield Cinema Fey Alley Railway Station Slape Way School Gore Lane wasteland0 wasteland Newstead Street Railway Station Peacock Road 38
39 Thynne Walk Railway Station Club Rookes Gullick Towers Sealby Place the Travis Building Herne Drive a junkyard0 wasteland Hewlett Alley Veal Lane Police Dept 39
50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59