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50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59
20 Honeycombe Drive Nurton Walk Fire Station Chenery Cinema Edmund General Hospital Nulty Lane Dunham Way Holroyd Bank Club Bu The Sowler Monument a junkyard 20
21 Hatchard Road Rodford Plaza a warehouse Allder Row Ranahan Library Farrant Crescent Police Department a factory a junkyard Giffard Square The Gabe Building [NT] 21
22 The Fifield Motel a junkyard wasteland The Whippey Building [NT] St. Christopher's Church a junkyard Borde Bank Club Williames Greedy Street Grandfield Walk 22
23 St. Luke's Cathedral The Bridle Museum Stickling Mall Stickling Mall wasteland Lessey Lane Police Department Bryan Walk Cleall Walk a carpark Hambeln Alley 23
24 St. Luke's Cathedral Slatter Crescent Stickling Mall Stickling Mall Hulme Park Deanesly Park Keedwell Plaza School The Soper Motel Aslin Crescent St. Herman's Church 24
25 The Mallows Building Lord Road The Dundas Building Owsley Crescent Police Department MacGilvray Alley Polden Way Lazarus General Hospital Clewlow Drive Belben Lane The Newnam Motel 25
26 The Derrington Building Robey Avenue Meaker Lane Fire Station Chalderwood Way wasteland The Thorne Arms Krinks Boulevard Denmead Walk School Gay Avenue a factory 26
27 Fritz Lane The Parkinson Hotel The Stacey Monument Borrer Street Police Department Abrahall Auto Repair Male Way The McMahon Motel Club Pengelly Waddon Crescent wasteland 27
28 Upham Auto Repair Manuel Towers The Sartin Monument Sage Avenue The Eford Motel The Nisbet Building [NT] St. Athanasius's Church Pledger Alley Bridell Square wasteland 28
29 wasteland Josaphat General Hospital The Turner Building [NT] a factory The Rush Building The Fitkin Hotel Gajewski Avenue a warehouse the Pratt Building Leigh Library 29
50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59