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Two Kings?

Hey, everybody. Since I don't know nothing about wiki and can't figure out how to make a cool user page, black on white is all you're gonna get.


Well, here is me. I'm a junior an OutDoor high School. It's a school run by North West Youth Corps. If you've ever done a session there, then you have a vague idea of what my school is like. I love reading but I don't do it that often. When I do though, I can't stop. I guess that's why I don't do it to much. Anyone heard of House of Leaves? Fucked up book. Boils your brain juices. Borrow it from your local library! I love the outdoors (obviously.) That's why I love living in Eugene. "The greenest city in America." I hike a lot in and out of school. It's good that I have at least one physical activity I enjoy doing because I actually spend a lot of time on my ass.

Favorite pastimes

A great deal of my time is devoted to watching movies and playing video games. I love both to a great degree but if I had to choose, I would pick movies in a heartbeat. I love 'em. This may sound weird but I'll watch a single movie up to three times a day for maybe a month before switching to a new movie. I don't know why but I just love knowing everything there is to know about them! Right now I'm watching Hot Fuzz which kicks some mighty fine ass and if you haven't seen it already I'd suggest doing so before anything else you had planned. That includes eating. Anyway, video games, yeah. Some of my favorites that come to mind are Ocarina of Time (I love all Zelda games but you gotta go with the classics. I know there were Zelda games before Ocarina but it was one of the first games I played ((besides Toejam and Earl for Sega Genesis)) so it's classic to me), RE4 (nothing much needs to be said. Great game all in all), Psychonauts (that game came at me out of the blue but I love it. To short though), POP the Sands of Time (Second one was good but storyline wise was nothing compared to the first. The third just flat out sucked and put the first two to shame). I could go on and on but I won't because I'm boring myself.


As you've probably noticed I like writing. About anything really. I've got a couple funny short stories somewhere in my room but their is nothing I love writing about more then my opinion. I think that's why I make a really good critic. I could write endlessly about movies, games, books, people I know, politics, anything really. I don't know, I guess I have strong opinions so I've got lots to write about. I mean, look how much I written already! Jesus, if you've made it this far then you have quite a long attention span. Or maybe you just like to read... Either way, I'll continue writing because at this point I'm really only doing it because I like to.


I don't really listen to any specific bands (other then The D, I mean.) Lots of my favorite music actually comes from musicals. Again, I love movies. Now, back to my previous point, I don't really listen to a single genre. There are genres of music I prefer over others but it's not like there aren't rap songs I'd enjoy. I love music. I really do. I played the cello for five year and have been playing bass guitar for a couple years as well (but I'm still no good at it. Perhaps I should have stuck with the cello. Oh well.) Most of my favorite movies are musicals. The Pick of Destiny (fucking great movie), Rocky Horror (you can't go wrong with Rocky Horror), The Producers (the newer one. The classic one isn't a musical but is still a great movie none the less. Gene Wilder is a fucking pimp), Every movie made by Trey Parker has awesome music in it. Cannibal the Musical, Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, Team America. Case and point. All great movies, all great music. There are others but I won't go into anymore detail.

Random Venting

One of the biggest things that pisses my off are stupid people. Now, I'm not saying that I'm a super genius. Actually, I'm a hypocrite. I'm pretty fucking stupid myself. But I'm not nearly as stupid as I used to be. You see, I'm smart in the way that I learn from my mistakes. I used to be a little fucking prick who smoked cigarettes and hung out with ass holes with nothing better to do then bully people and give ourselves scars because we thought it was cool. I was completely oblivious about how fucking stupid I was being, but then I met this guy named Ulises and he would ask me this life saving question, "why?" I'd tell him me and my friends got drunk and yelled at some people from outside their houses and he'd ask "why?" I'd never really needed to answer that. I did it because My friends did it. But the more he asked the more I realized that I was being a retard and that my friends really weren't my friends but a bunch a idiots that liked being bad because they thought it made them look cool. And it did! But only to people who were also oblivious of their stupidity. So I stopped hanging out with them. I stopped drinking as much. I started hanging out with Ulises and realized that friends are people you have to respect and Ulises most defiantly earned mine. That's also when I started learning about other people and myself more. Sometimes I forget about what's intelligent and what's idiotic and I do something really stupid. But I always learn from it. I think it builds character and when you have this quality you notice other people who have it and you appreciate them more. But you also see people who lack it and you notice the things they do don't make any sense and it bothers you. So I guess I shouldn't say 'stupid people piss me off.' I should say 'people who are oblivious and don't realize how their actions present themselves annoy me.'

Wow... I've never vented that before. It kinda snowballed in my mind. I'm actually pretty proud of that. I hope you can appreciate it as much as I do. Oh, by the way, sorry I used the word oblivious so much. It's a good word and I couldn't really think of a substitute for it.

Me and UD

Yeah, Zombies. It all started with my brother. His weird obsession with zombies had, over the years, created a place for them in my heart. When he told me there was a realistic (as far as zombie plagues go) and more importantly, free, online game where you could be a survivor and a zombie, I jumped at the notion. Branching off from that was the UD wiki which interested me so I got involved in that (obviously). I love UD not only because it's fun, but because it teaches and prepares us for the zombie outbreak that I'm certain will happen eventually.

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