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Voids are empty blocks completely surrounded by other empty blocks. They are topographically related to islands, and can be thought of as blocks that would be islands if they were buildings.


Voids are of limited interest for survivors and zombies alike. However, given the survivor tendency for barricade strafing, and for both survivors and zombies to be drawn towards buildings when moving across the map, voids represent some of the potentially least visited locations in Malton.

Void Locations

There are a total of 7 voids throughout Malton - 3 True Voids and 4 Border Voids.

True Voids

A True Void is an empty block surrounded on all sides by 8 other empty blocks. There are only 3 true voids in Malton, two monuments and one street.

Location Coordinates Suburb
Maundrill Grove [22, 13] Gatcombeton
The Rust Monument [71, 39] Heytown
The Powys Monument [84, 45] Pitneybank

Note: The Rust Monument and Maundrill Grove are the only two voids not covered by NecroNet.

Border Void

A Border Void is an empty block surrounded on all sides by either other empty blocks, or border. There are 4 border voids in Malton, all streets.

Location Coordinates Suburb
Golde Avenue [0, 26] Peddlesden Village
Bird Boulevard [0, 42] Owsleybank
Fennell Plaza [0, 61] Crooketon
Plaister Boulevard [99, 25] Dunningwood