Wasteland 99,47

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Starlingtown [99, 47]

Club Firminger Ollerhead Crescent Border
Dering Drive wasteland Border
Jeffrey Walk Club Silvey Border

Basic Info:

  • A wasteland is an empty city block, not even containing streets.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Wasteland 99,47


Starlington's most eastern Wasteland is one of Malton's highly popular sinkholes. While not the largest, its particular proximity to the city's edge made it a busy spot after the quarantine. It has several signs around indicating that it isn't safe to enter.


Originally a tire yard, this wasteland had a catastrophic subsidence in 1994, creating an enormous sinkhole. The city mayor made the decision not to fill in the hole for environmental reasons until a majority of the tires had been extracted from the cavernous sinkhole. Budgetary constraints in the late-90s saw that the sinkhole was never filled.

By the time the outbreak had occurred, Malton was quarantined and word-of-mouth rumours began circulating that the Starlington Sinkhole contained a hidden passageway to outside the city, allowing the quarantined to escape. Thousands of humans and zombies alike visited the hole, several venturing in. No one ever returned from inside the hole. Because no military action ever filled in the hole after the quarantine, it is assumed that no one made it out of the city and anyone who entered the sinkhole has since died.

The possibility that inhabitants of Malton actually got out of the city through the sinkhole has been long debated by quarantined academics. At the 2006 Sinkhole Symposium at the Troakes Museum, Dr. Queezley of the Viral Logistics thinktank out of The Arundell Building claimed the sinkhole and surrounding tunnels likely have hundreds of corpses from the inevitably failed escape attempts, and that it's unlikely anyone ever made it out. Professor Veneto of the Pickering College argued that it is eminently plausible that people have escaped through the Starlington Sinkhole, citing the fact not a single person has come back from the hole. Dr. McFunk from Club Taviner said he believed that not only are the zombies living comfortably below the surface thanks to the sustenance of corpses, but that there may even be a whole new race of subterranean superzombies living under the sinkhole, waiting to come out and take over the surface world. Dr. McFunk was soon after booed off the stage and thrown into the sinkhole by angry academics.