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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

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(To The)Four Winds
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Abbreviation: The Four Winds, The Winds, TT4W
Group Numbers: N/A
Leadership: None
Goals: Manage a mobile Revive Point
Recruitment Policy: CLOSED! We are DISBANDED
Contact: (To The) Four Winds Forum

December 11th: Well, it is done. We are APPLYING FOR HISTORICAL STATUS. Thank you for visiting our page and may the Winds blow with your wishes.

'We were a mobile group of revivers, who tried to bring life and friendship, where the Big Bash brought loneliness and death. We did not have leaders, we were just trying to do our best and were ready to go to the four winds...'

'As we had been fearing for months now, we have been unable to maintain our numbers and our activity and (To The) Four Winds is now officially DISBANDED. We thank all our members, past and present, for their camaraderie and many hours of companionship, all our friends and allies for their help, and especially Janos Kire for unerring loyalty since he struck his strong friendship with the late Brother Angst. Will please all members now remove their affiliation from their profiles. Goodbye, good healing and may the Winds guide you. Thanks for those three exciting years being a Wind. '


We visited during our travels nearly all the suburbs of Malton, including the ghost suburbs, although we did not run dedicated revive points in all of them (it doesn't mean we did not use our skills there, though!). Between April 2007 and June 2009, (To The) Four Winds brought comfort and needles to thirty-nine (39) suburbs in Malton. Though it only represents 39% of the city, our small group runned ninety (90) dedicated revive points, either exclusively or in collaboration with others. Most of those points were also used twice or more. The group may be no more, but may the spirit perdure. Let the Winds blow!

An extract from a beautiful song inspired by Aureus' role in the group.

To the four winds

I’ll drive my purpose in this town

To the four winds

Gentle breeze or gust of gale

All the four winds

Give me hope to ply my trade

To the four winds… -Aureus (Permian/OGS)

"You don't need a reason to help somebody" -Moran01

Needle-large2.jpg Revive point run by (To The) Four Winds:

N/A, inactive: we are DISBANDED.

-Aureus 00:00, 21 October 2009 (UT)

The History of (To The) Four Winds

The group was formed in late September 2006 with the goal to become a mobile reviver group. In the beginning there were mostly Spanish speaking members, but it soon became an international group. During the autumn the group travelled from suburb to suburb to set up a temporary revive point and revive the big amounts of people who had become the victims of the Big Bash. The group numbers had grown to 27 and (To The) Four Winds had earned the reputation of being one of Malton's most effective reviver groups. At that time it never took no more than a few hours to get a revive from a Wind.

During the winter '06/07 the Winds lost track of each other and most of the members became inactive. By that time we were in Havercroft and due to our close cooperation with Ackland Mall Security most of the remaining members decided, after a lot of consideration, to join them – but not to forget the dream of the mobile reviver group. The loss of the main part of the members also meant that we lost our administrators on the forum. New members could not get membership and the future for (To The) Four Winds looked bleak. Yet no dream can be fully zombified; not in the minds of dedicated revivers! The vision to start the group anew remained alive, and now the breeze brings news of a rebirth.

(To The) Four Winds was indeed revived as itself in Spring 2007, with the opening of a new forum and the rejoining of those who had spent some time with our friends at Ackland Mall Security. Although the group remained essentially smaller than before, it became highly active again, bringing life where the zombies hordes had brought nothing but destruction and death. Unfortunately, we tragically lost Brother Angst (Sean Turpin) in March 2008 and the group also lost some of its momentum with the passing away of this much loved and highly active player. Despite this sad drawback, we continued our reviving policy by following the Second Big Bash on its wake and helping local groups retake their suburbs. This implied we had to move quickly and often, and some of our newer members had trouble keeping up, which made recruiting much harder... and keeping our numbers up nearly impossible!

The final blow to the number of active players in the group came with the introduction of some in-game novelties that made being a reviver and a survivor much harder than it used to be. With barricading a badly breached building becoming harder and supplies running lower, some of the older players tipped their hats and said good-bye to Malton.

After that, the group had dwindled to 8 active players recorded, two of which were sedentary. It was nevertheless decided to fight for our name and start anew. The Winds blew over Malton and called at their peers. They regrouped, to take strength. They rejoined, to swirl faster. When once again they went To The Four Winds, they hit hard as a tempest and yet were as gentle as a breeze.

But it was not to last. Despite putting a good fight agains inactivity and loss of members, the group ended its life quietly mending with the air that surrounded it and the members are all scattered and gone (To The) Four Winds that gave them their name.

Farewell... We hope we were an inspiration to others and that during our active life, we made a difference in Malton.

Recruitment Policy


As we are a reviver group, the main part of our members are revivers and medics, but as we usually do not work in peaceful areas we also need people to help with the safety and other necessities (barricading, lighting and clearing the resource buildings from zombies and the revive points from rotters). We have no class or level restrictions, but expect that you are pro-survivor and have the desire to work in the most exposed suburbs in Malton. We will not accept players with a record of PKing, Gking, zed spying or players with Brain Rot.

Expectations of all members

  • To abide by the very few rules of Malton (like no zerging).
  • To keep yourself updated using our forum.
  • Full collaboration with other members and allies
  • Find a role, play it, and have fun!

Member advantages

  • Great friendship with the other members
  • Challenges in Malton, making it much more fun to play
  • Free lab coats (available in white)
  • You will be first in line when standing at the revive point!!

How to join

RECUITMENT CLOSED. You can still leave a message in our forum, though, for at long as it exists.

Go to our forum and register. Post a message in the "Join Here" thread where you make sure to include a link to your UD profile.

Once you have joined, write "(To The) Four Winds" as your group (remember the "()") and add all members to your contact list.

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