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Recent News

26th December 2009

  • We have been confirmed as historical group with 85% positive votes (you can see the voting here; please note it may be moved to the archive). It is a great achievement for us and we thank all those who believed in our dream and helped it become true.

Farewell... To Boreas, Zephyrus, Austreas and Levantus we go now. May the Winds blow in Malton. We hope Brother Angst and our founders are proud of us.

11th December 2009

  • Well, it is done. We are APPLYING FOR HISTORICAL STATUS. Thank you for visiting our page and may the Winds blow with your wishes.

4th December 2009

  • The nomination text is finally written and approved. We are now waiting for the week to pass, since a nomination for another group was made on the 4th.

26th November 2009

  • The text for the nomination to the status of Historical Group is ready and being polished and reviewed by some of our old members.

21th October 2009

  • As we had been fearing for months now, we have been unable to maintain our numbers and our activity and (To The) Four Winds (September 2006 - October 2009) is now officially DISBANDED. We thank all our members, past and present, for their camaraderie and many hours of companionship, all our friends and allies for their help, and especially Janos Kire for unerring loyalty since he struck his strong friendship with the late Brother Angst.
  • Will please all members now remove their affiliation from their profiles.
  • The Wiki is being updated to reflect our scattering. We will be also be filing a request for the status of Historical Group.

Goodbye, good healing and may the Winds guide you. Thanks for those three exciting years being a Wind.--Aureus 00:32, 21 October 2009 (BST)

09th July 2009

  • We are now split in two small groups. The less active people are still in Rolt Heights and Pescodside, very busy with the war being waged there between zombies and survivors. The second group has gone to Wyke Hills, in search of survivors to bring back to hope and zombies to bring back to life. (To The) Four Winds checks all known revive points in the suburb and maintains a dedicated revive point at the [51,90] cemetery. Ask for revives, requests are dealt with ASAP.
  • Our alliance with The Fortress has been confirmed as still in force.
  • The Wiki has had a major udpate today, with the introduction in our "previous RP's" page of a map showing where we have been and our current position. Check it if you are in need of a revive!

08th June 2009

  • We are still in Rolt Heights and Pescodside, very busy with the war being waged there between zombies and survivors. It seems endless and hopeless, but work is never wanting! (To The) Four Winds maintains a dedicated revive point in Rolt Heights and also regularly checks Otto Street in Pescodside. Ask for revives, requests are dealt with ASAP.

14th May 2009

  • After a very short stay at Galbraith Hills, we have now moved to the badly hit northeastern part of Malton to help with revives. We are especially concentrated in Rolt Heights and Pescodside, giving a hand to our longtime friends, The Burchell Arms Regulars (and, of course, drinking their oh so much renowned beer!).

10th May 2009

  • Today is a sad anniversary. A year ago, we tragically lost Sean Turpin, who played Brother Angst in our group. He was a much loved person and we still miss him so much. Jackie, we do not forget him, neither do we forget you. Be well, our friendship goes with you and with his memory.

30th April 2009: LET's CELEBRATE!!!

  • (To The) Four Winds has so far brought comfort and needles to thirty (30) suburbs in Malton. Though it only represents 30% of the city, our small group has runned sixty (60) revive points so far, either exclusively or in collaboration with others. Most of those points have also been used twice or more. Let the Winds blow!

30th April 2009

13th April 2009

  • In the bleakness of Richmond Hills, the lights sowly comes back; the breeze slowly turns the air fresh anew. The Winds have come and are actively reviving, barricading and generally helping survivors.

4th April 2009

  • We are reviving, barricading and generally helping survivors at North Blythville. New recruits are still highly welcome!

20th March 2009

  • We have moved from Lockettside after helping TMS and residents with revives and rebuilding. New recruits are still highly welcome!

4th March 2009

  • We are currently on the move and undergoing a restructuring. New recruits highly welcome!

25th November 2008

12th September

10th September

1st September

7th August

18th July 2008

9th June

5th June

24th May

22nd May

  • After the ceremony last tuesday, we moved back to West Greyside. We're restocking here and prepairing to move to a new suburb.

20th May

  • Today we remembered our dear friend Brother Angst. The ceremony took place around 9pm GMT, inside the St. Callistus's Church [34,64] in Brooksville . We've sent out four flares, symbolizing the Four Winds.


12th May 2008

  • We had an extended stay in Havercroft, where we had a busy time reviving souls at cemetery [31,47]. Now most of our members have moved on to West Greyside

14th April

  • After our work in South Blythville we spend a little time in the far south-west, doing some team-building exercises, etc. Now moving more north.

1st April

  • Gee Avenue and Park Walk will be cleared as quickly as possible.

31st March 2008

  • We have been deemed good enough to feature on Episode 31 of Radio Survivor, the Radio broadcast by Uncle Zeddie. WOW! We are honoured and highly encouraged to continue our work. Thanks, Uncle Zeddie!

30th March

  • All three revive points of Buttonville were cleared out within a couple of days. But after the sudden danger in Roftwood last week, we didn't had the chance to restock. Therefore we'll make a little stop at Thompson Mall, Lockettside, to restock on our items before we move on to the next targetsuburb.

25th March

  • After a long stay in Roftwood we were notified of some great danger heading in our direction. So we decided to target Buttonville for our revives.

21st February

13th Februari

  • Most of our members got spread out the last few weeks. So we decided to regroup and work in Roftwood again.
  • We have created a new webpage. You can still access the old one here.

5th Februari

  • Need to leave Roftwood/Stanbury as the homegrounds of the Beavers, Santlerville, is being threatend by the Bash.

2nd Februari

  • Moved out of Pitneybank just before Giddings Mall and Morrish NT fell. Roftwood presented itself as next target.

13th Januari 2008

17th December

  • We got some news that Fort Perryn needs help. So figure out yourself where we're heading.

15th December

  • Ready for the next, Wray Heights. Danger level is orange already so new move is on it's way.

9th December

  • New week, new suburb. I hope East Grayside will be done as fast as we did Wyke Hills.

2nd December

  • Our work in West Greyside is done. Wyke Hills is the next suburb on the list.

21st November

  • The decision has been made; West Grayside is our next target. Revive Point: Cemetery [52,83].

20th November

  • Most Winds moved to Buttonville as the Bash was assumed to hit it, but the Bash has moved on to West Grayside. Will discuss on plans how we're proceding.

16th November

  • Thompson Mall is rebuilding after it was raided by the Bash for the second time. Will restock for a few days and move after the Bash again.

10th November

  • We are leaving Lockettside and moving north to South Blythville to stay safe while reviving. Cheeke is ruined and now before LUE hit again tonight, there are already a few zombies in the mall.

9th November

  • LUE is back in Lockettside, the survivors here have fought bravely and have so far managed to hold Cheeke NT for about 24 hours. The mall is not hit yet.

4th November

  • Thompson Mall is back in survivor hands, but the Bash is planning to visit Lockettside again. The Winds are preparing for the fight.

24th October

  • Chasing the Bash for about three weeks now. Thompson Mall is under attack by LUE, so some of our members are planning to help our friends of the TMS. Others are still on the tail of the Second Big Bash.

3rd October

20th September

  • Moved to Yagoton. Suburb is doing quite well. New move in the very near future.

22nd August

  • The main part of the members are at the moment in Havercroft helping AMS with the LUE siege.


22nd June

10th June

7th June

2nd June

27th May

  • We have descided to go to Santlerville to help cleaning up after the siege.

23rd May, 2007

  • We are pressently trying to find a suburb in need of us, and are recruiting new members.

13th May, 2007

  • Even thought most of the remaining members of (To The) Four Winds have joined Ackland Mall Security we are now all working to get the group back on its feet.