ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)

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Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Abbreviation: ANZAC
Group Numbers: Active: 2

Total: 4

Leadership: Undetermined.
Goals: 1. Establishment of a strong Australian and New Zealand Group.

2. Protection of Australian and New Zealand monuments in Malton.

Recruitment Policy: Open to any Australian and New Zealand survivors.
Contact: By Discussion Page. Radio and Mobile contacts coming soon.

The ANZAC survivors group was created due to the lack of groups representing Aussies and Kiwis in Malton. ANZACs should at all time display the ANZAC spirit of Mateship and aiding any survivor in need.

ANZACs In Brief

As our numbers grow we are aimming to establish a base of operations, defend Australian and New Zealand monuments in Malton, create a forum exclusively for the group and also select a radio frequency to be used by the group.


All survivors wishing to join should consider making a pilgrimage to The Guiday Monument (yeah I know its spelt wrong) as this area is likely to be the potential site for ANZAC headquarters. The ANZACs also hope to expand into areas around The Sidney Arms, Balmain Cinema, Melbourne Way and Melbourne Square Fire Station in the future.

Open to all Aussies and Kiwis who display the ANZAC spirit (exception can be made in the case of people from other countries under some circumstances).

No PKers, GKers, RKers.

All levels welcome.

Current Members

Posting your user name and details here is the first step to joining the ANZACs.

User NameLocationStatusProfile
Seven 07PegtonAliveLink
Edward NapthinePegtonAliveLink
le phatmanTimed OutInactiveLink
Kevin DailyTimed OutInactiveLink
Jacob DemigodDanversbankAliveLink


Post user name here to support the ANZACs.

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