Angry Vaginas

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Angry Vaginas
Abbreviation: AV
Group Numbers: Don't worry about it.
Leadership: Backdoor Betty, Virginia Dentata.
Goals: Eating humans.
Recruitment Policy: Fuck off.
Contact: Pubbie Forum


May 2011
Chased Section 13 out of Dulston. Fairly small weiners.

Tinyweed.gifApril 20 2011Tinyweed.gif
Exhausted The Big Prick out of Dulston. Yeah, big...but not much stamina. Typical.
"Have a little Brain Rot, Scarecrow! Mwhahahahahahaha!"

March 30 2011
Kicked the Redneck 'lil Losers out of Dulston. They finally decided to try and lose their virginity. Unfortunately, they forgot they still couldn't even dominate the centerfold in their daddy's playboy. Last seen running and screaming towards the west with much frustrated furious fapping.

March 10 2011: 404: Barhah; Ha Ha, Charade You Are!
Kicked 404: Barhah out of Dulston. They were last seen running and screaming towards the west, leaving behind only the littered corpses of dozens of level 1 spies. Tried to rip their cocks off, but their so-called penes were literally concave. Settled for tearing off their man-boobs and one particularly nasty, saggy ass. These trophies now hang on display in the Holdway Museum. Unimpressed. Go back to reclaiming uninhabited ghost towns and pretending that you're good at something.

July 22 2010
Marihuanatag is over but not forgotten.


To lounge around in the ruined buildings of Dulston, devouring any humans foolish enough to wander by. Don't like it?

Eatus.jpg EAT US
We won't mind.

Malton-green.jpg MALTON GREEN
The Angry Vaginas smoke


Biohazard.gif Salt The Land
This User or Group supports the Salt The Land Policy & acknowledges that all zombies should end their day in a ransacked NecroTech building whenever possible.