Redneck 'lil Boys

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Redneck 'lil Boys
Abbreviation: rlb
Group Numbers: undisclosed
Leadership: Lucas Black
Goals: To stay up way past bedtime and shoot guns!
Recruitment Policy: Not really
Contact: None at present


Our primary objective is to have a real good time and help save some of those pesky adults who used to boss us around.

Combat Revives

If you are looking at this page to see something about a group member who combat-revived you, it wasn't an accident. Somehow zombie players have managed to convince most players that there is something wrong with combat revives. We ain't dumb enough to fall for that. Back when people started fussing about this, it took only one point to revive someone and there was no defense. Things are different now - don't want to be combat-revived? Get brainrot (and don't hang out in NT buildings if you do). All sorts of rules have been changed to benefit zombies - ruining buildings, survivors getting injured going from one ruined building to another - but they still the zombie players want to keep this artificial advantage - like a golfer who has gotten really good but still bitches that he needs the same handicap. Even worse, rotters will hang out in revive points and no one thinks a thing of it. So, if you are in a building that we want to repair and occupy and don't have brainrot? Get ready for a long, fat needle right up your rotten butt. And don't bother with any threats to PK us or go on a GK spree. We don't care - if you use your time finding ammo to shoot us, that's time you won't spend banging on barricades. Get over yourselves, anyway.


--Lucas Black13:38 8th April 2011. LOL - seems some zombie zergs up in the NW don't like people coming into their private paradise so they activated their human zerg alts. As if we care!

--Lucas Black1:31 25th March 2011. Mostly just hanging around in Quarlesbank. It keeps us busy as we keep having to re-take Calvert Mall. The zombies come it; take it down and we come back a day later and take it back. There aren't enough numbers on either side to really hold it for very long.

--Lucas Black3:03 12th May 2010. After annoying the RRF for a few weeks (working unofficially with Squadron1111), we got out of Ridleybank once the RRF had to recall enough of their horde to hold their oh, so sacred homeland. We moved back up to Quarlesbank - our second home when we need a break from Reganbank. The place had few survivors and the Piñata-lovers had been busy. Without all that many Zombies around, it was easy to reclaim and the survivor count keeps rising as there has been few attempts to really attack the place. The Shadow Company branch of Extinction showed up, but they claim they want to 'retire' and keep turning into survivors and holing up in The Bearnard Museum. We trust them as far as we can throw them, and, given our average height of 4'7", that's not very far. Those piñata-lovers are as likely as not going to re-appear someday and trash the place - having a leg-up by starting as survivors so we keep shooting them and will continue to do so as long as they insist on showing up. Why would a group of Zombies want to retire as survivors, anyway?

--Lucas Black3:22 19th March 2010. Seeing an opening in Ridleybank, we went in to help. Won't last forever, but we just love pissing off the prissy RRF. As if their homeland is immune from being barricaded up. When they quit farting around wherever they are now, they can come back with enough numbers to reclaim the place and we'll go somewhere else. Meanwhile, their home guard can enjoy lots of combat revives.

--Lucas Black17:11 29th December 2008. Just for fun we went up and cleared Calvert Mall. There were not many Zombies there anyway - and yes, we combat-revived the suckers.

--Lucas Black22:23 15th September 2008. After taking some time off from the group, various members are coming back to Reganbank.

--Lucas Black 15:48 14th September, 2007. With Reganbank becoming the safest area in the midwest, about half the group has split off and gone north into Roywood to really kick the teeth in of those Extinction suckers. But don't worry - there'll be plenty of 'lil Rednecks to keep things goin' in our home suburb.

--Lucas Black 13:59 8th September, 2007. The light from Reganbank has spread like wildfire. We've been able to reclaim Grigg Heights and also to help out in Molebank and Owsleybank. And others have moved into other suburbs - the Extinction Zone is a tattered remnant of what it was a week ago.

--Lucas Black 15:42 5rd September, 2007. After checking around, I see 80% of the buildings barricaded in Reganbank - several with power, the phones are working and the revive points seem to be nearly empty. For now at least, our home suburb is secure but I strongly suspect that making this fact known is going to bring a counter-attack from Extinction and/or Lebende Tote. That bit of yellow in the sea of red on the map is going to be like waving a flag. Still, perhaps we'll insipre other survivors to sneak behind the lines and reclaim other suburbs.

--Lucas Black 16:54 3rd September, 2007. While seeing no point in trying to take on the Extinction horde head on, we have returned to Reganbank to reclaim our homeland. St Max's has been reopened and the revive point at 16,56 has been emptied. The others will take a couple of days to sort out as priority has been given to barricading at this stage. It remains to be seen if there will be a counter-attack.

--Lucas Black 11:22 27th August, 2007. With the whole northwest corner of Malton considered red and dangerous Reganbank and Grigg Heights are on the frontline of the zombie wave. Scattered members are doing their best to provide safehouses and revives in these suburbs, but they numbers of those needing help exceeds the numbers of 'lil Boys on hand. But we are doing what we can to keep our area safe and functioning.

--Lucas Black 08:00 15th August, 2007. The Redneck 'lil Boys are back in Malton, though not in as many numbers and are running around looking for fun and mischief.

Our Home

Take that, Zombies!

Reganbank is described as being full of people who "drink corn whiskey from stone jugs, while playing the banjo and Jewish harp and shouting, 'Squeal like a pig!'" That sounds awful familiar to us, so we decided to make this our home. No pesky bossy adults wanted it anyway, 'cause there's no NT buildings and no Police Stations. No cops sounds great to us 'cause we don't want to get busted for playin' hookey. We hung out in Reganbank for a while and then drifted off 'cause we got bored. Now we are back and will probably stay 'til we get bored again.

Malton recycle.GIF Combat Revive Any Person
Oh, C.R.A.P.!

Yet another proud supporter of the Malton Zombie Recycling Program

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.