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Clock.png Past Event
This event is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to document its occurrence.
Please do not edit this page or the corresponding talk page without good reason.

Abbreviation: Escape
Group Numbers: Peaked at 500
Leadership: None - Decentralized
Goals: Escape Malton
Recruitment Policy: Anyone who wants to leave Malton
Contact: CORAM 27.50 MHz

Tired of Malton? Want to get away from it all? We offer you - ESCAPE!

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.34 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: 0,45

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 25.92 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: 22,43

We're getting out.

In the summer of 2005, Malton was locked down in a quarantine to contain the outbreak of... the zombie pathogen thing. Since then, not one person has escaped from Malton. We're going to change that. We're going to bum-rush the border.

Who we are

It doesn't matter who you are. If you're living, you're welcome. If you're dead, we'll have a revive clinic open for you (see details below). If you're a rotter, check in at the Woodborne Building for some rot revive help. It doesn't matter if you're sick of getting PKed or just bored being a PKer; it doesn't matter if you've been here five years or five months. Malton is a nice place to visit, but for some of us the vacation ended a long time ago. Its kinda like the human version of the zombie strike, but tons of zombie groups coming for us like the end of every zombie movie escape plan.

Detailed explanation

Why leave?

Although believing the following philosophy is not mandatory for participants of Escape, this is our manifesto:

For those of us who want a clean ending

Dear Kevan:

It's been five years now. The quarantine is never coming down. No new skills will ever be added because both sides are afraid of imbalance. Malton is in terminal gridlock.

We are the players who respect the game too much to simply log out and let our characters get killed. We want an escape - a real escape. An ending. We leave its form in your hands.

Everyone else

Probably just wants to see if this will work. No shame in that. Considering that the city's been in quarantine for five years it's really quite embarrassing nobody tried this sooner.

What will happen?

We have no idea. However, one thing is known: the only major changes ever enacted to the game were made when the zombies went On Strike late in 2005. Therefore, those of us seeking to escape must fight for our right to party leave. It's what people did in the second Resident Evil movie, after all.

Alternative Explanation

Some have speculated that this is an attempt by zombies to get disaffected humans in one spot, so they don't have to waste AP hunting them down.

Where we're going - and when

The Escape Zone - Owsleybank

Having spoken with some computer-savvy friends with the DSS, it's now considered safe for the servers for us to all be in the railway station together.

Border The Woodborne Building (Rot RP) The Dawney Building
Border Ellicott Place Railway Station Hodgkinson Drive
Border Waller Auto Repair Thirlby Walk (RP)
Border The Sendall Monument (RP) Howord Way
Border a junkyard St. Daniel's Hospital


Ellicott Place Railway Station
Zashiya (talk) 18:20, 6 June 2023 (UTC)

We are going to Ellicott Place Railway Station in Owsleybank on June 1. Ellicott is the last train station in Malton, and we believe our best chance of making it out is there. Ellicott is located not only immediately adjacent to The Woodborne Building (a NecroTech facility that will be used to supply revivification services to the undead who want to leave) and Waller Auto Repair (our immediate source of fuel cans), but also located only two blocks away from another tactical resource point: St. Daniel's Hospital. As our odds of success are unknown, we insist that the rush be survivor-only, as there is no chance the guards will allow carriers of the disease to leave. Those with Brain and Flesh Rot should head into Woodborne itself for rot revive services.

On the other hand, what on earth are they going to do to stop us? Kill us? Do you have any idea how many times we've died?

What to Expect When You're Escaping

Lots of crowding can lead to trouble - but won't, if you follow a few guidelines when you're in the Escape zone (pictured):

  • We don't know how many people will show up, but we're recommending only 50 people to a building. Having spoken with the computer literate, we now believe it safe for the UD servers to hold any number of people (since more than 49 people are listed as "a group of X people here." You're all welcome to just cram into the railway station.
  • Please don't shoot zombies at the revive points. Killing rotters who clog the system is fine; please direct them to Woodborne.
  • Don't shoot each other.

And that's it. Three Two rules. That's fewer than it takes to be allowed to ride the water slide at the fair.


Informing others about your desire to leave Malton is welcome. Feel free to use any and all means available to you to get the word out. Try not to spray over other people's useful graffiti (designated entry points, stuff like that) and don't spam up the radio. Advertise, change the frequency and do it again.


Escape is more of a movement than an official group; however, it is supported by some members of CORAM, and information will be broadcast through the EBS (25.92).

Elicott Place also has a dedicated frequency (28.34) so players can bypass the 50-nearest talk limit.


Elicott also has a dedicated TinyChat channel, for use in general Escape planning and collaborative efforts. It can be found here.


A forum has been set up at to allow medium-term communication between survivors. Remember to enter your profile URL when registering - fake URLs and spies will be banned.

Want to Join?

Take our quick, one-question quiz:

1. Do I (your character) wish to get out of Malton forever?

If the answer is yes, please do the following:

  1. Change your group affiliation to Escape. If you have a wiki page, add our template (Template:Escape) to your user page. (You may also enjoy this fetching "Prisoner"-themed template designed by Misanthropy.)
  2. Acquire a portable radio and tune it to 25.92 (Radio logs here, if anyone's interested).
  3. Be at Ellicott Railway Station on June 1st.
  4. Stay tuned for further information.

Emergency backup

If you want to try to attempt to regroup (yes plenty of us escaped) then listen to the radio and stand by for information. We will designate a rally point.

June 2

It's not clear what will happen if there is no Escape. At least two plans are being formulated for what former Escape members can do on that date.


Some members of Escape have elected to kill themselves by jumping from Woodborne on June 2 if nothing happens by the end of June 1. This part of Escape - like all parts of Escape - is voluntary, but if you do it, please follow the rules. No do-overs on mass suicides.

In the event that all Escape members are left in the train station on June 2, each Escape member should:

  1. Spend 47 AP doing whatever you want,
  2. Say "Goodbye,"
  3. Move 1N into The Woodborne Building (next to the train station),
  4. Change your group affiliation to "Operation: Lemmings" and
  5. Jump out the window to die.

It is important that:

  1. You jump out the window in The Woodborne Building (0,44), no other building!
  2. You never again stand up.

So spread the word and be a part of an historical event, one way or another! Thank you, we hope to eat concrete with you on the second.

(With the fall of the Woodborne Building, it is quite possible that the zombies will finish off anyone trying to reach the window. Then again, they may stand aside for mass suicides, you never know.)

The Red Death

On the other hand, some feel that if change cannot be affected while alive, the next best way to challenge the game's parameters would be to rise up against the living and turn every suburb in Malton red...

See Also

No Escape

No Escape was a counter-group of zombies that sought to stop Escape, and succeeded with the help of other hordes as RRF, MOB and Feral Undead. The No Escape page is a parody of this Escape page, indicating that being dead doesn't take away a sense of humor.


Wear your identity with pride!

Escape glyph.png Escape
On June 1, we're going to break out of Malton. What will they do, shoot us?
Roverprsoner.jpg I AM NOT A NUMBER

And really, it just wouldn't be complete without

Nogo.jpg No Escape
This user ate escaping harmanz.

And, just in case things don't work out:

EscapeFail.jpeg Escape Fail
I participated in Escape and all I got was this lousy template.
Lemming.jpeg Operation: Lemmings
Goodbye, all you people. There's nothing you can say to change my mind.
RedDeath.jpeg Operation: Red Death
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Escape glyph.png Escapes
Escape: June 1, 2010 ~ Escape II: A Very Escape Christmas: Dec. 25, 2010
Escape III: Unannounced ~ Escape XVII: Escape Takes Manhattan: May 21, 2011