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Abbreviation: Fables
Group Numbers: 13
Leadership: goondock saint, thetoob
Goals: Rid Pitneybank & Fort Creedy of Zombies
Recruitment Policy: You musn't be a twat, and you must fight with us in Pitneybank
Contact: goondock saint and thetoob

-We are ancient folklore from histoy past. We are legends, presently growing. We are the mythology of future generations. We are the FABLES.

The History

May Something(because i forgot by the time i made this entry), 2006

Most of us have made it to Pitneybank by this time. Although we are having a few difficulties setting up a basic establishment at the Heeks Motel, it is still a work in progress. And while a few of us tend to be dyign often, the local revive point is quickly becoming one of our favorite blocks.

Soon, we hope to have the Heeks Motel set up as our Headquarters and start working on setting up heavily barricaded buildings all around us with running genorators, including the local police department, fire station, and necrotech facility.

May 12th, 2006

We have begun our journey into Pitneybank. Several of us have already made it to our new-found home at the Heeks Motel. We will await the arrival of everyone else until anymore major events take place.

May, 2006

It all started with two young and adventurous souls...who had no remote idea what they were doing. But over time, they grew in knowledge. Since their tragic upbringings into the City of Malton, they have grown to lead others into the dawn of the never-ending battle to purge the city of its zombie hordes.

Their journey started with the liberation of the Heeks Motel to set up a safe HQ close to the local police department, fire station, mall, and fort.

The Data/Low-Down/Shibby/Info...Shite


  1. Have all members converge on the Blesley Mall in Gulsonside, where we can then move to Pitneybank.
  2. Head into Pitneybank from the south and work our way into the Heeks Motel. Kill any and all zombies inside the hotel and dump the bodies. Immediately after this, we are to barricade the building as to the best of our abilities.
  3. From there, we are to keep the Heeks Motel secured as a central headquarters for our group and all of our actions.

New objectives will be laid out as soon as these stated are met.


We are currently looking for Survivor-Group Allies so we don't feel so cold and alone in this big, bad city.

Hides in a corner...

Policies We Stand For

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
CDF.jpg Creedy Defense Force
{{{X}}} is affiliated with the Creedy Defense Force and fully supports the destruction of all zombie unlife in Malton.
Llama.JPG The Drama Llama is Watching You
The owner of this page reserves the right to delete trolling and drama at their discretion, especially when posted by complete idiots.

So, You Want To Be A Fable?

Well, then I guess you can just put us as your group name in your profile. There really isn't anything we can do to stop you. But if you really want to be a member of our community, then travel over to Pitneybank. It is our center of opperations.

We mainly work out of the Heeks Motel. Come find us and introduce yourself to the team and officially get acclimated to our group. Unfortunatly, we don't have some spiffy website of our own in which you can fill out some official looking sign-up sheet. We arn't as lucky as say, the RRF to have such a site...or maybe we are just to damn lazy to make one. Who knows? It might be in the cards some day, but not right now.

Our Fabled Members

Member Name: Class

  1. goondock saint: Scientist:NecroTech Lab Assistant
  2. thetoob: Military: Scout
  3. zombiejedi5: Military: Scout
  4. stefilee87: Civilian: Cop
  5. slimjen: Scientist: Doctor
  6. theIONgoonie: Military: Scout
  7. the toobinator: Civilian: Firefighter
  8. toobzilla: Scientist:NecroTech Lab Assistant
  9. BIH: Military: Medic
  10. J Byrd: Military: Scout
  11. talking toob: Civilain: Firefighter
  12. Azsrieal: Civilian: Firefighter
  13. G Ho: Military: Scout

Important Pitneybank Locations

Fire Stations NecroTech Facilities
Hospitals Police Departments
Revive Points Mobile Phone Mast
Malls Forts

Pitneybank Locations Map

Mazzie Towers
[80, 40]

Baum Bank
[81, 40]

Maggs Cinema
[82, 40]

Harman Lane
[83, 40]

a warehouse
[84, 40]

the MacMillan Hotel
[85, 40]

the Shaa Monument
[86, 40]

a warehouse
[87, 40]

a junkyard
[88, 40]

Davies Avenue
[89, 40]

Blackholler Street
[80, 41]

Boxall Road Fire Station
[81, 41]

Boutcher Alley Police Dept
[82, 41]

a warehouse
[83, 41]

Giddings Mall
[84, 41]

Giddings Mall
[85, 41]

Lancey Drive
[86, 41]

Beaman Boulevard School
[87, 41]

[88, 41]

Raper Plaza
[89, 41]

Woollmington Place
[80, 42]

Walden Drive
[81, 42]

Stidston Street
[82, 42]

[83, 42]

Giddings Mall
[84, 42]

Giddings Mall
[85, 42]

Sage Way Railway Station
[86, 42]

the Chetham Building
[87, 42]

Couch Avenue
[88, 42]

Tewkesbury Square
[89, 42]

a junkyard
[80, 43]

Davenport Cinema
[81, 43]

Bathe Row
[82, 43]

Byrne Auto Repair
[83, 43]

the Morrish Building
[84, 43]

Bromley Auto Repair
[85, 43]

the Sprod Building
[86, 43]

the Heeks Motel
[87, 43]

Greatwood Road
[88, 43]

a warehouse
[89, 43]

St Lucy's Church
[80, 44]

Nalder Plaza
[81, 44]

Teek Road
[82, 44]

Mann Walk
[83, 44]

Walrond Square
[84, 44]

Kitch Park
[85, 44]

Billet Road Fire Station
[86, 44]

Halberry Boulevard Police Dept
[87, 44]

Hecks Street
[88, 44]

a factory
[89, 44]

Elers Park
[80, 45]

a cemetery
[81, 45]

Beall Avenue
[82, 45]

Wylde Road
[83, 45]

the Powys Monument
[84, 45]

Rodd Grove
[85, 45]

[86, 45]

a factory
[87, 45]

Griffith Alley
[88, 45]

Chetwynd Square
[89, 45]

Gumm Alley
[80, 46]

Norgan Library
[81, 46]

the Farmer Building
[82, 46]

Stockwell Road
[83, 46]

Deverell Grove
[84, 46]

Hewlett Place
[85, 46]

Howland Street School
[86, 46]

the Murly Monument
[87, 46]

Livius Row
[88, 46]

Lewarn Alley
[89, 46]

Fort Creedy
[80, 47]

a junkyard
[81, 47]

Mumford Towers
[82, 47]

St Benedict's Hospital
[83, 47]

a carpark
[84, 47]

Membery Way
[85, 47]

Buckinham Square
[86, 47]

Frizzell Lane
[87, 47]

Leith Way
[88, 47]

Cabbell Lane School
[89, 47]

Fort Creedy
[80, 48]

Ebdon Drive
[81, 48]

Rowlatt Row
[82, 48]

Pallaye Library
[83, 48]

the Schonlau Motel
[84, 48]

the Dill Monument
[85, 48]

the Lowther Building
[86, 48]

McCorquodale Row
[87, 48]

Creasy Walk
[88, 48]

Woolcott Plaza
[89, 48]

Fort Creedy
[80, 49]

the Hunter Building
[81, 49]

Lavor Alley School
[82, 49]

Pigeon Way
[83, 49]

Crowcombe Park
[84, 49]

Rostron Plaza
[85, 49]

Colier Walk
[86, 49]

Muirhead Bank
[87, 49]

Rees Square
[88, 49]

Derham Bank
[89, 49]

Some Linkage For Thee...

Firefox Upgrades: Some uber kick-ass upgrades to help you in your tasks.

The City of Malton: A big map, of, you know, the big city we fight for.

Pitneybank: Our small little patch of land.